Monday, 27 December 2010

Winter fun and frolics!

Well we have made the big move out of our little bungalow, but sadly not made the big move into our new house yet. Hoping to complete beginning of January so we have spent the last week down in Newton Abbott with the in laws.

Mixed feelings over the last two weeks... excitement about seeing family and eating lovely meals, anticipation, will we wont we be moving in Jan 7th?!?!

The biggest news is that i have been made an auntie again, TWICE! TWO beautiful baby girls have been born into our family, first was Maya on the 21st December and then Chloe-Louise on the 22nd! One of my sisters was convinced she was having another boy, so it was quite a surprise when Maya arrived! I had already made them the Makka Pakka and Iggle Piggle earlier on in the year for them. But i couldn't resist making the
m a few more bits and bobs. I will post these in a week or so as i haven't given them to them yet and i don't want to ruin the surprise!

We have had loads of snow here in South Devon, even more at home in North Devon apparently. We have had fun with Buster, my husbands sisters dog, fireworks, big gorgeous roast meals and of course, bubble and squeak! As my in laws are only home for a week before they go off travelling, they didn't think it was worth buying a big expensive Christmas tree, so out they went into the garden armed with a saw...

I've been filling my time with crochet for my sisters and baking cookies! I also had to step in to make 'Briony's Christmas Fudge', as she is off having the time of her life in Australia. I made a batch for us to nibble on and wrapped some up for my sister, brother and mum & dad.

We're off up to my brothers in 2 days and going to visit my sister and her little ones. Hopefully we'll be moving into the new house within the next 2 or 3 weeks! So I hope you've had a fantastic holiday with your families and friends! Have a happy new year and i will be back soon!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Goodbye to my beautiful bungalow!

Well its been mixed emotions this week! We have now exchanged contracts on our bungalow and will complete on Friday! So great in a way because we are hopefully moving on to bigger and better things! But also sad when we think back to what we have accomplished here in the last 2 years.

This was the first property myself and my husband have owned together and the first property we lived together in. Quite a lot has happened to us in the two years we have had the bungalow, we got married, my husband gained a promotion to Head of Department, we have gained two nephews and are due two more this month!

We did a lot of work to the bungalow. Completely redecorated, new kitchen and bathroom, solid oak flooring throughout. I am sad to leave as we have turned it into a proper little home, it has a real character and we love it when people come to stay.

But we are looking to the future... We are buying a big grown up house in Bideford, not going too smoothly at the moment due to surveys etc. but we are really excited about moving in in January. Unfortunately we will be in temporary accommodation until then, with no Internet, so therefore no blogging for me. So please, don't do anything exciting or show any new projects until i have the Internet again in January! Thanks! :)

Well its goodbye for now, i hope you all have a lovely Christmas holiday with your families!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Time seems to be flying by for us at the moment! As you will have seen from my last post, we put an offer in on a house which has been accepted. Well we heard from our buyers yesterday and they want to move in two weeks! Mental. So now we have a bit of a mad panic to get everything packed. I spent today packing and the next two weekends are going to be very busy.

So sorry i havent got any exciting pictures today, i just simply havent had time. My main reason for posting today however was because i had my stall on friday at school! It was the first time i have ever sold any of the crocheted items i have made and it went surprisingly well! I went thinking if i sell anything it will be a bonus! But actually made about £120! The stall was only open for about an hour over lunch time for the staff at our school. I was selling some of my scarves, wrist warmers, slippers and bits. I had some contributions from Linda over at Chalkys World and my mum. So thank you to them both for their help!

I am really chuffed with how well it went! The money i have made will go towards buying some new dining room chairs for our new house! and of course towards buying some more wool and buttons (which i already did yesterday!)

Thank you all for your comments over the last few months while we've been preparing for the stall. I'm hoping to do another one in april for the PTA at our school, but will need to come up with some other ideas that are less wintery for that. Suggestions are more than welcome!!

I will keep you updated on the big move and hope to post some more pictures of some of the things i sold soon. Will be going back to my ripple blanket in a couple of weeks as something to do while we're in temporary accomodation.

Thanks for popping by my blog, i promise to be more exciting soon!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Brilliant Bunting!

It has been a manic two weeks!! We started back at school last Monday, and also had a viewing on our house (we're trying to sell our bungalow to move into a bigger place). Next day we have an offer on our bungalow which we accept! So out comes the computer to try and find us a property to move to!

Wednesday we view a house in the next town along from ours, Thursday we put in an offer, Friday offer is accepted! So in the space of a week we have accepted an offer on our bungalow and had our offer accepted on a house! We don't don't hang about that's for sure! So all systems are go, solicitors on the move and our people want to be in by Christmas! So I'll keep you posted on all of that!!

Well the announcement has been made at school and we are having craft stalls at our inset day at the end of the month. Chalky has been helping with items (see last few posts). The latest thing she has given me is gorgeous fabric triangles to make into bunting! I spent yesterday afternoon working on them and i have now made them into 3 brilliant lots of bunting!

Perfect Pastels

Vintage Flowers

Girly pink
I have also received my order from eBay... paper bags to put in the MANY items i WILL be selling on the day! (i hope!)

Aren't they lovely? I'm really pleased with them and hope they will give it all a more professional look.

Well gotta run, making Thai noodles with chicken skewers for dinner and stomach is definitely starting to grumble. Hope your all enjoying this glorious winter weather!! :s

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Well its coming to the end of our October half term and we have had a great week off work. The in laws came to visit for a few days during the week, bringing Bouncy Buster with them!

Buster surfing at the beach

We've had lots of walks on the beach and ball throwing! We've also been busy getting things ready for the craft Fayre's I'm doing at the end of November. Linda has made some gorgeous chutney for me to sell, and my mum has also mucked in and made some beautifully bright wrist warmers and a scarf.

Knitted scarf and matching wrist warmers

Knitted Wrist Warner's

Its only about 4 weeks to go now, so I'm starting to label up pieces and price things. I find it so hard to know what to price items at. I've seen a few people blog about this issue before. The problem is, the crafters of you out there know how long it can take to make things, but we also all like a bargain! So its hard to find the right pricing in the middle. I have done a few items that i can charge more for, like the scarves, and Linda has sorted me out with some cheapy items i can sell for a pound. So hopefully i will have a nice range, varying in prices.

Crochet slippers

Felt needle cases with vintage ribbons and applique.

Squiggly key rings!

Felt and knitted hearts

Have you all had a nice half term? Not looking forward to going back to work on Monday but its only 7 weeks til we break up for Christmas! he he.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Busy Busy Busy!!

I had a lovely weekend, lots of chilling out but also very productive! Saturday while the boy went to watch football, i got a move on with finishing some items to sell. There is an inset day at school at the end of November and i am going to have a stall set up selling some of my crochet items. A couple of other members of staff also have stalls, some with jewellery and one with gorgeous wood turned bowls etc. The caretaker, that makes bowls and plates and jugs etc from different kinds of wood, said it is usually quite busy (its only done over lunch time, for all the staff), so i am hoping it will go quite well! I have got Linda on the case too and she has done loads of stuff for it! Including homemade chutney, gloves, washcloths etc. There is also a Christmas Fayre on December 4th at school, hosted by the PTA. I haven't signed up for a stall yet as i am not sure how many items i will have. I want to have a good stock there otherwise the table will look empty and rubbish.

Here are some of the items i have finished so far...

So that was my Saturday, popping into town with my mum, crocheting... a lot... and watching x factor of course ha ha. Then on to Sunday..
Making tomato rice soup, tomato and Basil Foccacia bread and getting treated to a fantastic dinner by my hubby. He got inspired after watching Jamie's 30minute recipes and made us fillet steak with a rosemary, thyme crust, potatoes with garlic and herbs, glazed baby carrots, watercress salad with lemon dressing, Yorkshire puddings and red onion with red wine gravy! Absolutely gorgeous! If you didn't see it i suggest you look it up on Channel4 On Demand.
So due to my productive weekend i didn't have time to do these.... so i did them this afternoon when i got back from work...

Chocolate cup cakes from Linda's American cook book. They're really nice and i kinda owed the hubby for the lovely dinner last night!
Did you all have good weekends? Back to freezing cold weather and boring old work now!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Goodies to share!!!

My mother in law Linda and i have had a very productive few weeks! Our hooks have not stopped and i have the first lot of special hand crafted goodies to show you! They will be perfect gifts for loved ones, especially with Christmas and the Winter months coming up.

These items and more are available to purchase and you can see them all in my 'Handcrafted SharkyKnows Orgininals' page (Featured in the side bar). I will be adding to it soon so keep popping back. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Enjoy!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Back to boring...

We have had a great weekend and i just thought i'd do a little post to tell you all about it. It was Grandma G's 80th birthday on saturday so we went down to Newton Abbot, South Devon for a weekend of celebrations.

Friday evening we had a huge bbq. Family travelled all the way over from Orlando, London, Wales and Scotland for the weekend and it was great to meet up with them again.

Saturday night we were treated to a wonderful meal at a posh hotel in Torquay. Gorgeous food, lovely view and great company!

Out came the dress again, i am certainly getting my use out of this one!

So today we were back to boring work and normal weekday living... i just got a phone call from our estate agent, we have a viewing on thursday so thats a bit scary. I cant remember if i posted but we have put our house on the market, hoping to sell up and get a bigger property. So house has got to be spotless on thursday!

Good news soon to come... i am planning on setting up my own shop on ETSY!! I am very excited about it! I have started making a few items for the website, its taking longer than i had hoped but i will get there in the end. I'll let you know when its up and running!

I am also setting up an after school cooking club with a colleague from work, it should be great! Again it takes time to set up and a lot of preperation before hand. If your interested this is the organisation behind it 'Lets Get Cooking'. Let me know if you have any good ideas for our club, fundraising, activities, promotions etc etc.

Will catch up again soon and keep you posted on progress for Etsy!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Just a little something...

Just thought I'd show you this little gift i have made for our Grandma G's birthday. She turns the big 8-0 on Saturday. We will be celecrating all weekend.. Friday night is a BBQ at Linda & Andy's, Saturday afternoon will be cake and champagne followed by a very posh dinner at a hotel in Torquay! Looking forward to that! Planning on wearing my black dress from the wedding ( see previous posts).

Anyway, back to the gift. I have made her a hot water bottle cover in her favourite colours, spruced up with some cute little flowers.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

TA DA! It's finally Done! Come See!

Really proud and so glad to FINALLY be showing you all my finished blanket!!!

Made from about 10 different blue yarns, i used the Jan Eaton book to make a total of 48 squares! Some of the squares i had done before on my last blanket but most of them were new so i learnt how to do quite a few patterns again. My favourites have to be the bobbles in different colours and 3d flower ones. I actually really liked the granny stripe one too. I have seen lots of bloggers trying granny stripe blankets lately and i can see why they are enjoying them so much now. Really quick but look great with bright colours!

I made 6 rows of treble crochet for the border using three colours. I found a pattern for the edging on the Internet and adapted it slightly. Basically its lots of chains interlocking with double crochet. The wool i used for the edging was a gift from Linda for our Anniversary, it fades from grey to blue to green and was perfect to finish the blanket with!

I just finished this masterpiece (alright i might be exaggerating a bit but it took ages!! Therefore is a masterpiece to me!) at the beginning of the week and wrapped it up as one of my hubby's birthday presents. The look on his face yesterday was priceless when he thought this was his only present. I soon made him smile with some really fancy chisels and a new plane (of the carpentry kind).
So there you have it. All sewn together, bordered up and finished! Ahh.. deep sigh of relief!
... Although now i am already missing working on a blanket... my current work in progress is a hot water bottle cover for Grandma G's 80th Birthday in a couple of weeks. Then i will move back to my ripple blanket i think. It has been lovingly shoved in a draw for the past couple of months and i think its time it had an airing and had a few rows added to it!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Wondeful Weekend!

I've just got back from a really great weekend in South Devon. It was my hubby's cousin's wedding on Saturday and TA DA! the dress was finished in time!!

I am thoroughly pleased with how it turned out. Believe me i was starting to think it wasn't going to be ready when Thursday evening i was doing LOTS of hand sewing! I had a lot of compliments and my sister would like me to make her one (maybe I'll wait til she's had her baby though! ;) ) My hubby also made himself a tie Thursday night so that we were co-ordinating. We are a bit sad like that. Now that I've shown him how to make ties there's no stopping him!

The wedding was gorgeous, it had a farming / harvest theme to it as the Brides parents are farmers. The flowers were lovely, lots of greenery with roses, Lillie's and of course wheat! The ceremony was in a charming little church in Abbotskerswell followed by a reception at their family home. They hired a massive marque for the occasion which was decorated with wheat, milk churns of flowers and really cute bunting!

One of the first things you were greeted with was the Bride and Groom scare crows!

Each table had their own Roast beef joint and one person at each table had been nominated as 'carver of the marital meat'. The favours went down extremely well with me, being a chocolate lover, truffles, hand made by the Groom! The whole day was brilliant, amazing sunny weather after the terrible week of rain we've had and lots of dancing in the evening!

I wish Mark and Vicky a wonderful life together and hope they enjoy their honey moon in Bali!

Hubby Owen and his parents.