Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Big Day!

Welcome to my new blog! Inspired by my lovable crazy mother in law i have decided to create a blog. Please dont ask what it is going to be about, because i have no idea!

It has been a pretty eventful 12 months! From becoming an aunty again (twice!) to getting married! I think i'll start with our 'Big Day' as it was easily the best day of my life so far!

I met my husband (hee hee husband! still cant get used to that!) 3 years ago when i started working at the local school where he is a teacher. It didnt take long for him to realise what a catch i am *cough cough* and exactly 364 days after our first date he sent me on a treasure hunt around Bideford! He had left clues at special places around the area where we had been together which eventually led to Instow sand dunes where he proposed. He's going to kill me for writing all this!

We got married at Broomhill Art Hotel and it was the most fantastic weekend i've ever had! All the staff at Broomhill were amazing and i will never forget all the effort they went to for our celebrations. They have an amazing sculpture garden too. If your ever in Barnstaple, North Devon you must visit it!

My husband Owen's best man was his dad Andy. He did a fantastic job! It meant so much to us to have him as best man. No one knows Owen better than his dad and he has always been there for him. They are like two peas in a pod! Theres a very funny clip of our wedding video where they are walking along a road together in exactly the same manner, even checking their watches at the exact same time in the exact same way! Owens mum was also a big part of the wedding, mainly putting up with my rambling emails leading up to the day! From cooking the wedding chocolate brownies to making the favour bags, her help was invaluable!

Our bridesmaids for the day was my sister Steph and Owens two sisters Lindsay and Briony. They all looked gorgeous! I made the bridesmaid dresses and i am so pleased with how they turned out! One of my favourite pictures is off the girls walking down the lane to the ceremony room and me followng behind with my dad.

My parents were great too.. my dad drove me to Broomhill in Owen's Audi TT. Forgetting the flowers was not great but it was fun driving very fast down the link road in the TT! Despite being half an hour late, dad did a good job of walking me down the isle and squishing my big dress down the tiny isle! My sister Mel also helped us alot in the preperations. She was going to be a bridesmaid and repay me for when i was hers the year before but alas....she got fat and had a gorgeous baby boy, Nathan. Thank goodness he arrived on time, just one week before the wedding! I was so chuffed as i was worried she wouldnt be able to make it.

The food was amazing and weather couldn't have been better! We had a band in the evening, 'The Food Fighters'. Just a local band from Bideford but wow did they get the party going! They do covers of loads of types of music and got everyone up dancing, including the grandmas! (not that you can stop Grandma Helga, she was dragging everyone on the dance floor!)

There were some special people there that day and i will never forget it. Thank you to everyone that made it so magical!


  1. What a wonderful start to your blog. Love the colours -- so you!!
    Well I shall love following your posts and keeping up with you and that son of ours of course.
    The description of the wedding had one major omission ---- How very BEAUTIFUL and so happy the bride looked. Yes you!!What a happy day
    Lots of love the crazy,lovable one

  2. Brilliant blog and lovely lovely photos - thanks for sharing them with the rest of us in Blogland!

    I can knit and crochet, and even sew on the odd button and take up a hem, but I admire anyone who can make bridesmaids' dresses - you must be multi-talented!

    I shall follow your blog with interest!



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