Thursday, 22 April 2010

Click click clicking away...

I don't know if you guys agree but there has been absolutely nothing on TV lately! So i have been using my time in the evenings to do some crochet. My mother in law introduced me to crochet and knitting a year or so ago. Like her, i cant just sit and do nothing in the evenings. Especially when Owen is on the xbox!

I have made a few knitted things. Two of my sisters had babies last year so i knitted some booties, hats etc. I think the most used and treasured knitted present was my 'Super Ted' for my nephew Nathan.

This is a crocheted blanket i finished a few months ago.. i am very proud of it as it is one of the first i did! I chose green tonal colours and worked in a continuous square.

And this is my work in progress.. my Ripple blanket! I used the tutorial from Attic 24 which is really helpful! After many, many, many attempts i could not get it to ripple! No idea why. But then one day, i thought I'd try again... and Ta Da! For some reason i have made it quite wide and i am about half way to the size I'd like it to be. I will keep you posted on its progress!!


  1. Well Superted just brings back such happy memories of our wedding preparations last year. The tonal blanket I am really looking forward to seeing and that Ripple looks amazing!!! So it just goes to show what you can achieve when the television is rubbish xxx

  2. Hi lovely blog :0)

    Well as you can ripple i want to know the secret. I too followed Lucy's pattern i get one lovely row of ripple but seem to go wrong when i turn.
    Louise x

  3. Hi Louise, thanks for visiting my blog. All i know is when i tried the ripple blanket, it look me ages to get it to work! But once you get it, it all seems to easy and you wonder why u had such issues with it! when you do the 3 chain to turn for the next row, are you then doing the dc in the very first loop? Stick with it cos it is worth it when you finally get the hang of it!


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