Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sharky Goes On Tour! Pt 1

In the summer of 2009 my husband Owen and I went on a mammoth honeymoon for three weeks. We spent two weeks in New Zealand but stopped off in Hong Kong at either end of the trip. Hong Kong was an amazing city, exactly what i expected. Ridiculous wealth and designer brands at one end of the city, but take a train further out and you come across loads of random markets and very strange looking food!

For the first few days we were in Hong Kong we stayed in a hotel called The Renaissance in Tsim Sha Tsui and it was really nice. I remember walking out of the hotel on our first night and stepping out onto the Avenue of Stars. It was such a spectacular sight! The Hong Kong sky line was lit up and reflecting in the harbour.

We had some delicious meals in Hong Kong too. One of our favourite restaraunts was 'The Crystal Jade' in the Gateway arcade. Owen loved his sweet and sour fish so much he had it about 4 times throughout the trip! My favourite was the beef and bell peppers! The fried rice was gorgeous too! Not really like chinese back here in England. Beware though because some of the food is quite weird. I made a mistake on the first time we went there and ordered a noodle soup dish but it was a bit like stodgey noodles in dish water. Pick right and you get amazing tasting food!

We also stayed at The Harbour Plaza in North Point on Hong Kong Island and from there we did most of our sight seeing. One of my favourite days was when we went to Sham Shio Po to the bead market! If you know me at all you will know i love textiles and anything related! So shop after shop after shop of beads, ribbons and fabric was like heaven to me! I made the most of it and brought a few bags of beads and in true charles style have done absolutely nothing with them yet!

There are tons of markets around in Hong Kong. Owen's cousin Anna had lived there for a while so was able to give us some great tips for places to go and see. The public transport there is brilliant so we often caught the metro out to various places across the city. The Goldfish market and flower market were cool. They are literally a whole road full of shops dedicated to fish or flowers. The fish market was a little creepy as there were loads of fish in bags hanging out the front of the shops. But the flower market was an amazing sight! The whole road was full of flowers, i especially liked the shops that just sold orchids. They were gorgeous. Shame i cant keep any alive really.

The Ocean Park was fun. We had to catch a train to Admirality and from there get a bus to Ocean Park. It had lots of rides to go on and attractions to see. I saw my first dolphin and seal show! It was quite exciting and amazing that they can train animals to do all those things but it did make me feel a little sad. The animals do the same show, over and over again, day after day. I'm sure they get well looked after by the staff there but it isnt quite the same as seeing them in their own habitat. The weather was scorching the day we went to Ocean Park and queing for rides was not fun!

We also went to 'The Peak' which is a massive tower on the top of a hill. You have to get the peak tram up to the top and climb quite a few stairs to get to the top viewing platform of the tower. But from there you get the most amazing view across Hong Kong, the island and the harbour. Owen did not enjoy this quite as much as me as he is afraid of heights! It was a little cloudy but you could still see all the majour buildings. We were up there durring the day but i can imagine it is the best place to see the harbour light show at night.

The symphony of lights starts at 8pm every night; over 40 buildings along the skyline are decked out in lights and it is apparently the worlds largest permenant light and sound show. The show goes on for about 10 minutes and if watched from the harbour music is played loud for all to hear. It did not get old either! Every night we were there we went out to watch them and never ceased to be amazed and the magnitude of the skyline and just how beautiful it was. This is a definate must see!!

The Star Ferry was food fun! Its so cheap, its nice to do just for a trip across the harbour. It cost about 20p and gives you a great view of both sides of the harbour. One night we caught it around 8pm and watched the harbour light show from the ferry! There are loads of stations in Central and go to various other ferry terminals along the harbour.

Hong Kong was probably my favourite part of our honey moon in the summer. The food was amazing, we eat alot of chinese style food at home but it really was so much better there! I would encourage anyone to go there if you get the chance. Its so easy to get around and there is so much to see! I would definately go back there, even if it was to just experience that first step out onto the harbour again, lit up by that famous sky line!

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  1. Amazing photos and where would I be most exited about visiting --- Yes. the bead shop!!


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