Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A Ta Da! Moment

Well its been a while coming but i now have a TA DA! A few months ago, I started making up some granny squares out of wool scraps i had.I decided to try something a bit different and sew them together in a zigzag pattern and do a chevron border around each strip. I'm still not sure if i like it to be honest, as i was using up scraps it is a complete random mixture of colours.

I like it a bit more now i have gone all the way around in white. One day i may continue going all the way around the edge but i think i'll leave it at that for now!!

I've already started another project, a hexagon crochet blanket in various purple colours and my sister has just given me another job, making a safari douvet cover for my nephew Ben. I havent done a post for a while as we have been pretty busy. one of Owens cousins got married a couple of weeks ago so we went up Stains for the wedding, which was really nice! Last weekend we had another wedding party for a couple at work which was in Woolacombe. This weekend it is our first anniversary!!! I cant beleive it! This year has gone so quickly! Not sure what we're going to do this weekend yet but we may have a little celebration the weekend after when my sister comes down. Well thats it for now, i'll keep you posted with my latest projects!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Crochet Hook Case

Just thought i'd share with you this crochet hook case i have made recently. I've done a page tutorial on it. They're really easy to make, and you can easily change the sizes to store different things, e.g. longer for knitting needles, or smaller just for needles!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Hidden treasures!

While i was clearing out boxes and cupboards at school, i came accross some manky crochet squares! They have obviously been hidden away in that cupboard for years, just forgotten about. I assume they were a class project at some point! I was about to just chuck them away when i had a thought, i know who would appreciate these...

So i packed them in the car and took them down to Newton Abbot to visit my mother in law Linda of Chalkys World. Our project for the weekend was to turn these lonely, forgotten about wonky squares into something beautiful for charity.

I started by going around each square with cream. I then sewed them together in rows of 5. We went round each strip in green and then red which brightened it up quite a lot! We joined the rows together and did one round of red around the whole thing. We then did two rows of cream, green and red again to bring the whole blanket together, followed by a couple of rows of double crochet in red to finish it off. Over all we are quite pleased with the outcome! Considering the squares we started with were all random colours, slightly squiffy and wonky, they turned out really well. So thank you to those students that made these squares all those years ago, you have helped contribute to the making of this blanket which will be sent off for charity, either for old ladies or little babies who need something to help keep them warm!

The rest of the squares went towards another blanket... this time Linda added bright turquiose and grey to turn them into something lovely!! I'll post a final picture when she's finished it.

I've had a lovely weekend down in Newton Abbot visting family, although the weather did put an end to my father in laws sky dive..shame. We came back to North Devon sunday night, bringing my in-laws Andy and Linda with us. We had a day out in the sun yesterday, lunch at the Tarka Inn and a walk along Saunton Sands beach. Finished the day with a really yummy bbq!!