Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A Ta Da! Moment

Well its been a while coming but i now have a TA DA! A few months ago, I started making up some granny squares out of wool scraps i had.I decided to try something a bit different and sew them together in a zigzag pattern and do a chevron border around each strip. I'm still not sure if i like it to be honest, as i was using up scraps it is a complete random mixture of colours.

I like it a bit more now i have gone all the way around in white. One day i may continue going all the way around the edge but i think i'll leave it at that for now!!

I've already started another project, a hexagon crochet blanket in various purple colours and my sister has just given me another job, making a safari douvet cover for my nephew Ben. I havent done a post for a while as we have been pretty busy. one of Owens cousins got married a couple of weeks ago so we went up Stains for the wedding, which was really nice! Last weekend we had another wedding party for a couple at work which was in Woolacombe. This weekend it is our first anniversary!!! I cant beleive it! This year has gone so quickly! Not sure what we're going to do this weekend yet but we may have a little celebration the weekend after when my sister comes down. Well thats it for now, i'll keep you posted with my latest projects!

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  1. Hello you!!! Well I think the blanket is looking lovely and you ought to put on a picture of " The Handsome Pair" at the weddings. Especiall as you made the dress.
    A year ago today ir poured down but what a perfect day the 23rd was
    Good luck with the quilt cover
    Love Linda


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