Saturday, 5 June 2010

Its been ages since my last post i know!!! sorry!! But i have been busy! I've had the past week off work for half term and actually managed to stay at home for once rather than jetting away on holiday! It was also our 1st Anniversary on May 23rd!! I cannot believe I've been married for over a year now, it goes soooooo quickly! We had a lovely weekend, the weather was nice so we went to the beach, had a picnic, watched a bit of cricket at the club down the road... and of course had wonderful presents! Thank you to my gorgeous husband for my new camera!!! He knew i hated my old one as the battery life was rubbish to say the least, so he got me a new posh one with all the accessories! (this could possibly be just so i don't use his camera to take silly pictures of crochet! but I'm not complaining!)

As usual i got a great gift from my mother in law... i think she finds it easy buying for me now as she has got me into all these little hobbies! "200 crochet blocks for blankets, throws and afghans' by Jan Eaton.... a brilliant book of crocheted squares to mix and match! Its a Its a lovely colourful book full of easy to follow instructions, ideas for blankets, step by step diagrams for all the main stitches and special ones like bobbles, popcorns, puff stitches and a few edgings.

So naturally i forgot about the other 3 projects I've got on the go and started doing a selection of the patterns from this book. As i have a touch of 'OCD'ness about me i chose about 8 tonal colours to make into a blanket.

And using my wonderful new camera (thank you hubby!) here they are.....

One of mine and by husbands favourite patterns were the ones involving 'bobbles'. This was a new technique i had to learn but they were pretty successful and actually really easy to do.. within a square made up of double crochets, you insert a cluster of 4 unfinished treble crochets into one dc from the previous round and finish them off by hooking the yarn through all 5 loops. I quite fancy making a whole blanket like the cream one below...maybe one day.

The squares below are a different take on the traditional granny square. Top left is made up of 9 small granny squares, sewn together using the 'slip stitch' method, this gives it a firm seam and a ridge on the front side. The top right is a granny square surrounded by treble and double crochets. The bottom square is possibly my favourite, in between rows of traditional granny treble clusters, are double crochets and chains of a contrasting colour.

Well that's as far as i have got so far, i am now going to start going around each square in white to edge them all and then will begin sewing them together to make my blanket. I'll keep you posted and post a picture when its finished!!


  1. My goodness you have been busy. They are beautiful and I can't wait to see them in the "flesh!"
    I think you may have some beautiful blankets to make soon.
    Love the way you use tonal colours -- so restful.
    Lots of love xx

  2. great these squares are truly stunning


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