Friday, 18 June 2010

Ta Da! Oh how i love co-ordinated randomness!

Co-ordinated randomness... I'm not quite sure that makes sense.... well i got quite excited this morning, i was working off site so had a little bit extra time before i had to leave for work, just enough time to finish my latest blanket! This one is made up of the random squares i had done using the new book my mother in law had given me. I posted the individual squares already but thought i would show you the finished thing!!

I decided to do a row of white treble crochet around each of the squares to kind of finish them off. Once i had sewn them all together, the other half decided this might be his favourite blanket i have made and that it should be even bigger... so i did another 5 squares! I added these to the blanket and did a row of white, then green trebles around the whole thing. I finished the edge with a khaki green and somehow worked out how to do a shell kind of edging. I got the idea from one of the squares i had already done and just changed it slightly to go round the whole blanket.

Now its finished i do really like it. I love the fact that every square is a different pattern and i will remember crocheting each one, my favourites, the other halves favourites, the hard ones, the easy ones... For some reason it feels a bit more personal than some of the blankets i have done before as i had to actually think carefully about what i was doing and learn new stitches etc throughout the whole process. If you have read my blog before you will know that i like things to all be co-ordinating and like using selections of colours that are tonal and go well together, rather than complete random mish mashes of colour.. I think using 6 co-ordinating colours worked particularly well with this blanket as the squares were all different patterns. It has definitely inspired me to make more random ones like this, and maybe one using just 3 different patterns??? There's so many possibilities!


  1. Hi Charles,
    Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. So kind of you thank you!
    I'm really pleased you left a comment,and I'll follow you now if I may.
    I love this blanket. All the colours are very carefully co -ordinated, great I love it.
    Isnt crocheting just so brilliant!
    I love it.
    Oh well I'm off to hook now,
    Love to you, Suex

  2. Cant follow for some reason, I'll be back to try again.
    Love Suex

  3. Thanks so much for visiting SIBOL Charles!
    I hope you are having a good summer. its been so hot. Nice when you have nothing to do! You can just laze about and enjoy the sunshine.
    Stunning blanket.... i was telling my friend about you. A lady in South Africa who has just ordered Jan Eaton book. I told her you had done quite a lot of the squares out of it.
    Love to you Suex

  4. This is really beautiful and Ilove the colours you have chosen. There will be no stopping you now !!
    Love Linda


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