Saturday, 31 July 2010

If the shoe fits...

I have been enjoying the 2ND week of our summer holiday off work, getting lots of hooking done and preparing for our holiday to Egypt! Today i picked out all the clothes i wanted to take (2 whole weeks so this took some time!), organised washing to be done etc. The other half has also been busy trying to fit a bespoke loft hatch in the spare room (don't talk to him about it... he doesn't like it and he's not happy with it.) We've also got a few special occasions coming up in August, firstly, 2 days before we fly out to Egypt we are going to Torquay with the in-laws to watch a Motown show at the theatre. Then while we are away it is my brothers anniversary and one of my sisters too.

While i was searching through crochet patterns on the Internet i decided i would make a pair of little Mary Jane style slippers to wear around the house. It took three different pattern attempts until i found the right one, but eventually with the help of Linda i got there!

The first pair i completed for myself in purple, were such a success i decided they might be a nice gift for the ladies in my family!

They look really cute when they're on, and you can jazz them up as much as you want really! I've tried to use different bright colours that i know the girls will like and they are easily adaptable for different sizes! Well i hope you like them! These have kept me busy over the past week! BEWARE - They can be very slippery on wooden floors like mine! Linda found a product called 'Sock Stop' which is a liquid that can be applied to socks etc to make them non-slip. I might order some of this at some point and try it out, oh dear, that would mean having to make myself another pair...what a shame... ;)


  1. Mine have been worn non stop since our return from our lovely visit with you both x

  2. Good Morning Charlotte!
    OOh my goodness these slippers are wonderful.
    What a wonderful idea and would be so nice for Christmas gifts, what do you think?
    Loving the colours you've used too,
    Have a good weekend,
    Love Suex


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