Sunday, 11 July 2010

Into the Blue...

Its been a while since my last post, I'm a bit rubbish at doing this regular blogging thing! We have been quite busy lately, we had my brother and his wife stay with us for a weekend which was nice, did lots of relaxing in the sun, had a BBQ at my parents house. My sister who is currently living in Germany (her husband has been posted there) is over visiting with her little boy. We went down to Newton Abbot to visit the in laws last weekend, had a BBQ for birthday boy Chris (my sister in laws boyfriend). Lots of food consumed by all, those of you who follow my mother in laws blog will have seen the mammoth cheesecake Briony made for the occasion! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Work has been manic too. The school we work at is getting knocked down as we have had a brand spanking new building built, £56 million worth! We are currently packing up in preparation for the big move over the summer, so September will be a fresh start in the new building for us. Exciting, but such a lot of work!

We have had a pretty chilled out weekend so far, bit of shopping, watching the Grand Prix and listening to our neighbour argue!! Bless her, our 70 year old neighbour lives on her own, and is very sweet. Her daughter comes over to see her quite often and it just ends up with them having blazing rows!! I have no idea what they are rowing about but i feel quite sorry for her!

Well, down to business... after the successful outcome of my last blanket (check out my last post), i have moved on to a blue version. All the squares are taken from the Jan Eaton book and i am working my way through the rest of the ones i haven't tried yet. I think i want this blanket to be even bigger though as i really like the colours and the green one was quite small. I'm not sure what colour i will go round each one in yet, any suggestions welcome. I thought i would show you what i have done so far, just so you know I'm not slacking!!

Linda has now got the same book so keep an eye out on her blog for similar squares. My other half thinks its hilarious that she has bought herself a copy of the book now... 'the student has become the teacher' and all that. I just think its nice that i have so much in common with my mother in law!

Oh and i have something really exciting to show you all!! But sadly, i cant until the end of December. I have made something really cool for one of my nephew/nieces due in December and obviously don't want to show it until they arrive. But do remind me if i forget cos i love it!

Well back to my hook and wool now, hope you like my new squares!


  1. Your squares get better and better. I love the blues.I think a BIG blanket will be wonderful xx

  2. Yes I love the blues too! These squares are going to make a gorgeous blanket,
    thanks for popping to SIBOL TODAY!!
    Hugs Suex

  3. Lovely, lovely squares. You've used some gorgeous colours. I've got the Jan Eaton book, too, and I love it. I know Newton Abbot well - my DH used to live at Buckfastleigh; I love that part of Devon quite well. Hope the move to the new school goes well!



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