Saturday, 31 July 2010

This will get me some Great Aunty Points...

In order to establish my 'Favourite Aunty who lives near the Beach' role, i have tried my hand at making my two nephews handmade creations, so far i have made a knitted 'SuperTed' bear, Geofrey the fleece Giraffe, a duvet cover, a multi-coloured Granny square blanket and little knitted monsters. I may have mentioned before that two of my sisters are due their second babies in December...

...Well... i think i have risen to the challenge and produced toys for the new babies that will give me massive 'Favourite Aunty' points!!!

They were a labour of love, beleive me, lots of single crochet which does my head in! But i think it is worth it in the end, they look fantastic! They have been sat together next to my TV for a few days now and each time they catch my eye they make me giggle. I adapted a basic teddy pattern to make them, which in itself i was quite proud of! If you dont realise who they are, then ask someone with young children!!!


  1. Wonderful --- what lucky nephews x

  2. talented bunny you are!!

  3. What fantastic creations! Obviously made with a lot of love and a lot of talent! Looking forward to seeing what you get up to next!


  4. They are both just so cute, what a lovely idea. You're bound to get lots of points for those!


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