Monday, 26 July 2010

Walking, Crochet & Bread Making!!

Well the time has finally come!! We have broken up for summer holidays!!! I'm sure some of you parents out there may not be so pleased but if you worked in a secondary school you would be! Its actually been quite a busy first week off for us. My in laws, Andy and Linda, came down Friday to spend a few days with us.

The old myth about not getting on with your in laws.... not true for me at all! Linda (Chalky's World) and i have quite a lot in common, crafty tendencies, the inability to sit still and do nothing (except for when I'm sleeping - i have been nicknamed 'the cat'). Thanks to Linda's patience and Passion for crochet/knitting, i am now a fully fledged crocheter! As you can see by my previous posts, i am currently on random squares for blankets, using Jan Eatons 200 crochet blocks book. Its great for me as i get bored of doing big, samey projects so different little squares is great. Anyway, I've got a new crochet project to show you but first I'll tell you about our weekend.

We live in North Devon, sometimes a really boring place to be, but when the weather is nice its great. On Saturday we went for a walk along the famous 'Tarka Trail', 6 miles we walked all together. It was a bit grey but perfect walking weather!

There is loads of wildlife along the Tarka trail, these two caught our eye.... No idea what they are, some sort of moth Linda thinks, but they were pretty cool.

Sunday we spent the afternoon at the beach. My sister in law, her boyfriend and their Springer Spaniel Buster came down to go surfing, while Linda the hubby and i went for a walk on the beach. It was quite busy and reasonably warm actually, a nice change from the horrible rainy weather we've been having lately! I would put some pictures up but i left my camera in the van!

So on to today.. the last day of Andy and Linda's stay and we're just chilling out. I did have itchy fingers this morning and fancied having a go at making some bread! Check me out attempting to be domesticated! I found a recipe on the Internet for 'Red Onion & Rosemary Focaccia'. However i don't have any red onions, so i substituted them for garlic instead. Nice basic recipe to which you could add any ingredients you like really.

I used dough hooks for the first time in my fancy mixer (wedding present) and they worked really well! 3-4 minutes in the mixer instead of 10 minutes doing it by hand! Brilliant!

Linda helped by doing all the chopping! Well it is her garlic from their house in Spain!

So this is how it turned out...

It went down extremely well with the boys and we will definitely be making this again! Tasted yummy! Especially when you get a little chunk of garlic. We had it with some cheese and ham which was lovely for lunch, but may have the rest of it with some tomato pasta for dinner tonight!
Well that's it for our escapades at the moment, next post will hopefully be about a new crochet pattern i found that Linda and i have been experimenting with!


  1. Actually the jokes about daughter-in-laws are not true either. Charlotte is definitely my favourite!!
    We had the most lovely weekend and the bread was absolutely delicious.
    Can't wait to see the other escapades soon

  2. Bread looks fantastic! They are here with us now and still hooking. love Sue

  3. I make bread for my Husband 'gluten free' so I know what a thrill you get when it comes out the oven!
    Nice to see Linda working hard in your home. Pleased you had a nice time!
    Love Suex


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