Monday, 20 September 2010

Just a little something...

Just thought I'd show you this little gift i have made for our Grandma G's birthday. She turns the big 8-0 on Saturday. We will be celecrating all weekend.. Friday night is a BBQ at Linda & Andy's, Saturday afternoon will be cake and champagne followed by a very posh dinner at a hotel in Torquay! Looking forward to that! Planning on wearing my black dress from the wedding ( see previous posts).

Anyway, back to the gift. I have made her a hot water bottle cover in her favourite colours, spruced up with some cute little flowers.


  1. Only just spied this---- She will be thrilled. It really is lovely x

  2. Hello there, thanks for stopping by my blog, I love meeting new to me bloggers.
    I had a look at the link and its lovely but I'm not sure that it would work with the bigger flowers because of the back of them.
    Your hot water bottle is lovely, I'm sure your Grandma will love it.

  3. Wonderful job and a very useful gift with the cold weather heading your way


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