Monday, 18 October 2010

Busy Busy Busy!!

I had a lovely weekend, lots of chilling out but also very productive! Saturday while the boy went to watch football, i got a move on with finishing some items to sell. There is an inset day at school at the end of November and i am going to have a stall set up selling some of my crochet items. A couple of other members of staff also have stalls, some with jewellery and one with gorgeous wood turned bowls etc. The caretaker, that makes bowls and plates and jugs etc from different kinds of wood, said it is usually quite busy (its only done over lunch time, for all the staff), so i am hoping it will go quite well! I have got Linda on the case too and she has done loads of stuff for it! Including homemade chutney, gloves, washcloths etc. There is also a Christmas Fayre on December 4th at school, hosted by the PTA. I haven't signed up for a stall yet as i am not sure how many items i will have. I want to have a good stock there otherwise the table will look empty and rubbish.

Here are some of the items i have finished so far...

So that was my Saturday, popping into town with my mum, crocheting... a lot... and watching x factor of course ha ha. Then on to Sunday..
Making tomato rice soup, tomato and Basil Foccacia bread and getting treated to a fantastic dinner by my hubby. He got inspired after watching Jamie's 30minute recipes and made us fillet steak with a rosemary, thyme crust, potatoes with garlic and herbs, glazed baby carrots, watercress salad with lemon dressing, Yorkshire puddings and red onion with red wine gravy! Absolutely gorgeous! If you didn't see it i suggest you look it up on Channel4 On Demand.
So due to my productive weekend i didn't have time to do these.... so i did them this afternoon when i got back from work...

Chocolate cup cakes from Linda's American cook book. They're really nice and i kinda owed the hubby for the lovely dinner last night!
Did you all have good weekends? Back to freezing cold weather and boring old work now!


  1. Lovely items - good luck with the stall
    You certainly got a prize with hubby, I'm so hungry after reading about that meal

  2. Hi Just discovered your blog and will follow you! I live in South Devon but go to North Devon quite a lot as mum in law lives there. We are going this weekend and staying for a few days. I sell at school fairs as well, so sweet when a little girls comes up and says she bought something from me !
    Best wishes
    Sue x

  3. Lovely things! Good luck with the stall; I'm sure you'll do really well!



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