Saturday, 30 October 2010

Well its coming to the end of our October half term and we have had a great week off work. The in laws came to visit for a few days during the week, bringing Bouncy Buster with them!

Buster surfing at the beach

We've had lots of walks on the beach and ball throwing! We've also been busy getting things ready for the craft Fayre's I'm doing at the end of November. Linda has made some gorgeous chutney for me to sell, and my mum has also mucked in and made some beautifully bright wrist warmers and a scarf.

Knitted scarf and matching wrist warmers

Knitted Wrist Warner's

Its only about 4 weeks to go now, so I'm starting to label up pieces and price things. I find it so hard to know what to price items at. I've seen a few people blog about this issue before. The problem is, the crafters of you out there know how long it can take to make things, but we also all like a bargain! So its hard to find the right pricing in the middle. I have done a few items that i can charge more for, like the scarves, and Linda has sorted me out with some cheapy items i can sell for a pound. So hopefully i will have a nice range, varying in prices.

Crochet slippers

Felt needle cases with vintage ribbons and applique.

Squiggly key rings!

Felt and knitted hearts

Have you all had a nice half term? Not looking forward to going back to work on Monday but its only 7 weeks til we break up for Christmas! he he.


  1. Such lovely things you have got together for your stall.
    I hope it goes really well. I'm not brave enough to give this a go, and as you say the time it takes makes the pricing so difficult.
    Jacquie x

  2. You have been busy ! I am doing a fair in two weeks and am very behind .
    Good luck, you have some great things
    Sue x

  3. Love the " new look" blog. Great colours -- easier on the " I can't thread these needle eyes!!" And I love the borders around the pictures-- Lots of lovely things too

  4. Everything is great. I know that others say that sometimes you should visit a craft fair you are to be in once and then see what they are asking but if that is not possible, try one nearby. I've also heard to be ready and willing to change your prices right then if you feel you are out of range. It's hard to know until you do it for the first time. I'm sure you will do fine. Be confident and smile!

  5. Everything's just great! I just love the needle cases :)
    Good luck at the fair!

  6. O well done everything is lovely and so colourful,the scarf and wristwarmer sets are just right for this time of year. Good luck and enjoy yourself


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