Thursday, 11 November 2010

Brilliant Bunting!

It has been a manic two weeks!! We started back at school last Monday, and also had a viewing on our house (we're trying to sell our bungalow to move into a bigger place). Next day we have an offer on our bungalow which we accept! So out comes the computer to try and find us a property to move to!

Wednesday we view a house in the next town along from ours, Thursday we put in an offer, Friday offer is accepted! So in the space of a week we have accepted an offer on our bungalow and had our offer accepted on a house! We don't don't hang about that's for sure! So all systems are go, solicitors on the move and our people want to be in by Christmas! So I'll keep you posted on all of that!!

Well the announcement has been made at school and we are having craft stalls at our inset day at the end of the month. Chalky has been helping with items (see last few posts). The latest thing she has given me is gorgeous fabric triangles to make into bunting! I spent yesterday afternoon working on them and i have now made them into 3 brilliant lots of bunting!

Perfect Pastels

Vintage Flowers

Girly pink
I have also received my order from eBay... paper bags to put in the MANY items i WILL be selling on the day! (i hope!)

Aren't they lovely? I'm really pleased with them and hope they will give it all a more professional look.

Well gotta run, making Thai noodles with chicken skewers for dinner and stomach is definitely starting to grumble. Hope your all enjoying this glorious winter weather!! :s


  1. Now exciting about the moving :0)
    Love your bunting, looks very pretty and well made.
    Haveing a giveaway over at mine if you want to join in :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. Good luck on the moving, etc. Love the bunting.

  3. Good luck with the move. Loving the bags & bunting!xx


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