Monday, 27 December 2010

Winter fun and frolics!

Well we have made the big move out of our little bungalow, but sadly not made the big move into our new house yet. Hoping to complete beginning of January so we have spent the last week down in Newton Abbott with the in laws.

Mixed feelings over the last two weeks... excitement about seeing family and eating lovely meals, anticipation, will we wont we be moving in Jan 7th?!?!

The biggest news is that i have been made an auntie again, TWICE! TWO beautiful baby girls have been born into our family, first was Maya on the 21st December and then Chloe-Louise on the 22nd! One of my sisters was convinced she was having another boy, so it was quite a surprise when Maya arrived! I had already made them the Makka Pakka and Iggle Piggle earlier on in the year for them. But i couldn't resist making the
m a few more bits and bobs. I will post these in a week or so as i haven't given them to them yet and i don't want to ruin the surprise!

We have had loads of snow here in South Devon, even more at home in North Devon apparently. We have had fun with Buster, my husbands sisters dog, fireworks, big gorgeous roast meals and of course, bubble and squeak! As my in laws are only home for a week before they go off travelling, they didn't think it was worth buying a big expensive Christmas tree, so out they went into the garden armed with a saw...

I've been filling my time with crochet for my sisters and baking cookies! I also had to step in to make 'Briony's Christmas Fudge', as she is off having the time of her life in Australia. I made a batch for us to nibble on and wrapped some up for my sister, brother and mum & dad.

We're off up to my brothers in 2 days and going to visit my sister and her little ones. Hopefully we'll be moving into the new house within the next 2 or 3 weeks! So I hope you've had a fantastic holiday with your families and friends! Have a happy new year and i will be back soon!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Goodbye to my beautiful bungalow!

Well its been mixed emotions this week! We have now exchanged contracts on our bungalow and will complete on Friday! So great in a way because we are hopefully moving on to bigger and better things! But also sad when we think back to what we have accomplished here in the last 2 years.

This was the first property myself and my husband have owned together and the first property we lived together in. Quite a lot has happened to us in the two years we have had the bungalow, we got married, my husband gained a promotion to Head of Department, we have gained two nephews and are due two more this month!

We did a lot of work to the bungalow. Completely redecorated, new kitchen and bathroom, solid oak flooring throughout. I am sad to leave as we have turned it into a proper little home, it has a real character and we love it when people come to stay.

But we are looking to the future... We are buying a big grown up house in Bideford, not going too smoothly at the moment due to surveys etc. but we are really excited about moving in in January. Unfortunately we will be in temporary accommodation until then, with no Internet, so therefore no blogging for me. So please, don't do anything exciting or show any new projects until i have the Internet again in January! Thanks! :)

Well its goodbye for now, i hope you all have a lovely Christmas holiday with your families!