Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Goodbye to my beautiful bungalow!

Well its been mixed emotions this week! We have now exchanged contracts on our bungalow and will complete on Friday! So great in a way because we are hopefully moving on to bigger and better things! But also sad when we think back to what we have accomplished here in the last 2 years.

This was the first property myself and my husband have owned together and the first property we lived together in. Quite a lot has happened to us in the two years we have had the bungalow, we got married, my husband gained a promotion to Head of Department, we have gained two nephews and are due two more this month!

We did a lot of work to the bungalow. Completely redecorated, new kitchen and bathroom, solid oak flooring throughout. I am sad to leave as we have turned it into a proper little home, it has a real character and we love it when people come to stay.

But we are looking to the future... We are buying a big grown up house in Bideford, not going too smoothly at the moment due to surveys etc. but we are really excited about moving in in January. Unfortunately we will be in temporary accommodation until then, with no Internet, so therefore no blogging for me. So please, don't do anything exciting or show any new projects until i have the Internet again in January! Thanks! :)

Well its goodbye for now, i hope you all have a lovely Christmas holiday with your families!


  1. We shall miss your lovely "little" house too! Especially the lovely walks down into Instow. But as you say we too are looking forward to seiing your new house and before you know it you two will have made it into a real home -- a special home- a home for the future.x

  2. Hi
    Hope it all goes well for you. Enjoy Christmas in between !
    We are at the Barnstaple Hotel for Christmas lunch so give us a toot if you are passing !
    Sue x


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