Thursday, 31 March 2011

Little girl dresses!!

Check it out... I've been meaning to post these pictures for a few days now. Here are the little girls dresses i have made recently. I will be putting them up for sale on my Facebook page and at the spring fair this Saturday.

This one is about age 6. It is made using dutches satin, fully lined with zip fastening at the back. It has a burgundy satin sash around the waist. It also has a layer of net underneath the satin to make it a bit fuller. Perfect for little bridesmaids!

This dress is supposed to be age 2. It is made out of dutches satin again, but this time it has 2 layers of organza overlay on the skirt, frilly organza straps and a pink organza sash around the waist. It fastens with a zip at the back and is fully lined.

I made this dress using a mixture of patterns. I picked the bits i liked from various patterns to create it. It is made out of pretty flowery cotton, has a sheer ribbon to tie around the waist and the bodice is lined in the same fabric. The straps untie to allow you to slip it on. This dress is also aged 2.

This dress is aged 2. It is made out of pretty cotton with tiny blue flowers and the bodice is lined. It has a light blue organza ribbon around the waist to tie in a bow. It fastens by poppers on the straps.

I am really really pleased with them. The satin dresses are so lovely and would be perfect for special party dresses or for bridesmaids. The two cotton dresses are so cute!! I will definitely be using these patterns again, they are perfect for little summer dresses or special occasions and could be teamed with long sleeved tops and tights for winter.

Phew.... finally posted! Well i hope you like them. I have been working hard for the fair on Saturday. I am calling it a day now on the making front for it and just need to finish pricing up and organizing everything. I was reading a post on someones Facebook the other day where someone asked tips for doing craft fairs. It was quite helpful actually. One thing i took note of was to create different heights and layers to the table, so i need to find some boxes i can display items on.

I hope your all having a good week, i'm so glad its Friday tomorrow!!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

For my two lovely nieces...

I have just been going through some photos and realised i never did a post about the gorgeous blankets i made for my two new niece! They were both born in December, within two days of each other. Both my sisters had already had a little boy each so it was nice to have some girls to spoil!

Close up of the initials i embroidered onto one corner.

Close up of name on heart.

Some matching booties/slipper shoes.

crochet headbands!

Evening!! Yay its the weekend! Just thought i would share with you a couple of things.. firstly, the gorgeous blossom on our tree outside, i know Chalky was looking forward to it coming out!

Secondly, here are a couple of the flower headbands i have made recently, really cute! These are the first ones i tried. I found the flower pattern online and just made three rows of chains for the headband bit. It ties at the back underneath my hair. I quite like them! So i'm going to try different colours and see how well they go on my stall!

I have now realized how ratty my hair is looking... might be time for an appointment at the hairdresser next week! I keep going on about this stall lately, i guess its probably got a bit boring. I remember the days when i used to just crochet and make things for the fun of it... haha once the stall is out of the way next weekend i can get back to finishing things for myself.

I've been busy the past two evenings making something special for little girlies... just a couple of things left to do then i will have a big reveal!

Don't forget to check out my Sharky Knows Facebook page!!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Flower power blanket reveal!

Its seems to have taken me ages but i have finally finished! My latest blanket is made up of plain knitted squares and some crochet flower squares, taken from Jan Eatons book. It is not me at all, couldn't really be any more different to the usual colours, patterns and styles i usually pick. I will be adding this to the pile to take to the Spring Fair in April!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Back to basics!

I went back to basics over the last couple of weeks... and back to the old classic granny square! I got a bit bored of them but thought i would give them another go to make a blanket for my stall. Loads of people seem to still love these classic grannies and you cant really go wrong with them!

I also branched out and used Pinks!! Can you believe it! I hate pink. With a passion. But once again, LOADS of people love it, especially mums with little girls. So i surrendered to the power of the pink! I tried a different way of joining the squares this time too. It kind of makes a ridge along the joins and i quite like it. It adds a bit of dimension to the blanket.

So this one is getting packed up and put in the pile for the spring fair, only 3 weeks to go and i feel like i still have loads to do! However, i am naughty and have been spending my afternoon doing other things....

...good things i think! After much nagging from my sister, i have created a FaceBook page for Sharky Knows. I seem to have adopted 'Sharky Knows' as the brand name for my crafty projects and now not only does it have a blog, it has a facebook page. Don't ask me how i did it, i just seemed to find my way through... whether anyone will 'Like' it i don't know but it was worth a shot. My sister has been sending me ideas for baby things to make (she is now a mother of two beautiful babies, age 3 months and 2 years), and thought it would be a great idea to set up a page where i could sell the items i make. I'll let you know how i get on. I suppose with all these kind of things it takes time to build it up and get your name out there. I am very impatient though and want IMMEDIATE results.

Well i hope you are enjoying this gorgeous weekend. We had friends over last night and went for a walk with them and their 2 pugs this morning. The sun is actually shining in north devon! I have a couple more blankets to show you soon, and will keep you posted with how the facebook page goes!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Flower Bunting!

Spring is in the air! And so is my flowery bunting! haha, I'm trying to be clever but failing miserably. As i mentioned in my last post i got inspired by another blog last week and decided to have a go myself. So here they are, I've finished two so far, and another one on its way.

I'm not very good at taking photos so sorry they're not that great, i also don't have anywhere in my house to hang them! I hope you like them! I am hoping to sell them at the spring fair on 2nd April. If you have any ideas on what might make them better or anything else you think might go down well at the fair let me know! They were really easy to make, i found a basic 5 petal flower pattern online and joined them all with chains. I think i did about 25 chains in between each one and joined the flowers by doing a single crochet in the top of one of the petals. When i got to the end i went back and did single crochet all along the chains.
Working on another blanket now, joint project with my mum. She has knitted me some plain coloured squares and i am going to crochet some flowery ones to go with them. Update you again soon!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


We have had alovely weekend with the inlaws and just thought i would share this with you all...

My hubby is a brilliant cook (much better than me!) and he made us this gorgeous dinner last night, sausage and chorizo goulash. We saw it last week on Something for the Weekend - click here for the link to the recipe. Hubby made it using Westaway sausages (Honey roast, absolutely delish!). We had it with rice and a Tiger bloomer. Would definately reccomend it!

Other news.... on a blog i follow i saw some gorgeous flowery crochet bunting! So i am having a go myself, i've made two already, just working on my third and will post pictures when i've finished it!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Back to blog land

Hello fellow bloggers! I am finally back to blog land! After about 3 months with moving house, visiting family over christmas and not having internet (argh damm the rubbish internet company!)... i am finally back in business!

Its been a busy three months... we have moved into our new house and done some decorating already. Think we've finished for a while now.

This weekend we have the inlaws down, these dafs were a lovely moving in gift - along with a gorgeous silk King size douvet!

Saturday morning in the sun and we have already put them to work! I am the first to admit i do not have green fingers! At All! so Linda (Chalkys world) came to the rescue to sort out our herb garden. The joy of having a new big house is that we have the space to do things we couldnt before, like having a whole corner of the garden for herbs! Also putting up all those photos and pictures from various holidays etc.

It wasnt all work though, we went for a great walk along the estuary, down coastal paths and checked out lots of unusual houses in the area. This photo is the view of Bideford from the Estuary.
When i told my husband that he was going to be in the picture for my blog, this was what he did.... enough said.

All in all, been a manic three months, i have of course had some time for craftiness and will post soon about that! Got a spring fayre stall on 2nd April so i have been preparing for that.

Be back soon with more updates!