Sunday, 13 March 2011

Back to basics!

I went back to basics over the last couple of weeks... and back to the old classic granny square! I got a bit bored of them but thought i would give them another go to make a blanket for my stall. Loads of people seem to still love these classic grannies and you cant really go wrong with them!

I also branched out and used Pinks!! Can you believe it! I hate pink. With a passion. But once again, LOADS of people love it, especially mums with little girls. So i surrendered to the power of the pink! I tried a different way of joining the squares this time too. It kind of makes a ridge along the joins and i quite like it. It adds a bit of dimension to the blanket.

So this one is getting packed up and put in the pile for the spring fair, only 3 weeks to go and i feel like i still have loads to do! However, i am naughty and have been spending my afternoon doing other things....

...good things i think! After much nagging from my sister, i have created a FaceBook page for Sharky Knows. I seem to have adopted 'Sharky Knows' as the brand name for my crafty projects and now not only does it have a blog, it has a facebook page. Don't ask me how i did it, i just seemed to find my way through... whether anyone will 'Like' it i don't know but it was worth a shot. My sister has been sending me ideas for baby things to make (she is now a mother of two beautiful babies, age 3 months and 2 years), and thought it would be a great idea to set up a page where i could sell the items i make. I'll let you know how i get on. I suppose with all these kind of things it takes time to build it up and get your name out there. I am very impatient though and want IMMEDIATE results.

Well i hope you are enjoying this gorgeous weekend. We had friends over last night and went for a walk with them and their 2 pugs this morning. The sun is actually shining in north devon! I have a couple more blankets to show you soon, and will keep you posted with how the facebook page goes!


  1. Well I hope it goes really well. Your work is really beautiful.

  2. Your granny blanket is gorgeous and I love the colour combinations. So brave of you to make something in a colour you don't like. :)
    I noticed in your banner you have two lovely neck warmers. I had a go at making one and as I'm a novice at crochet it turned out the most ridiculous shape. I'm still going to wear it though, 'cos you can't tell when it's around my neck.
    Anne xx

  3. Thanks ladies! Anne, the neck warmers were quite easy, just find a granny stripe pattern and single crochet around the edge when you've got the length and shape you want.


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