Saturday, 5 March 2011

Back to blog land

Hello fellow bloggers! I am finally back to blog land! After about 3 months with moving house, visiting family over christmas and not having internet (argh damm the rubbish internet company!)... i am finally back in business!

Its been a busy three months... we have moved into our new house and done some decorating already. Think we've finished for a while now.

This weekend we have the inlaws down, these dafs were a lovely moving in gift - along with a gorgeous silk King size douvet!

Saturday morning in the sun and we have already put them to work! I am the first to admit i do not have green fingers! At All! so Linda (Chalkys world) came to the rescue to sort out our herb garden. The joy of having a new big house is that we have the space to do things we couldnt before, like having a whole corner of the garden for herbs! Also putting up all those photos and pictures from various holidays etc.

It wasnt all work though, we went for a great walk along the estuary, down coastal paths and checked out lots of unusual houses in the area. This photo is the view of Bideford from the Estuary.
When i told my husband that he was going to be in the picture for my blog, this was what he did.... enough said.

All in all, been a manic three months, i have of course had some time for craftiness and will post soon about that! Got a spring fayre stall on 2nd April so i have been preparing for that.

Be back soon with more updates!


  1. Hi Welcome back and I hope you will be very happy in your lovely new home
    Sue x

  2. Thanks for such a lovely weekend and we love your new home. It will soon be full of happy memories I am sure xx


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