Saturday, 26 March 2011

crochet headbands!

Evening!! Yay its the weekend! Just thought i would share with you a couple of things.. firstly, the gorgeous blossom on our tree outside, i know Chalky was looking forward to it coming out!

Secondly, here are a couple of the flower headbands i have made recently, really cute! These are the first ones i tried. I found the flower pattern online and just made three rows of chains for the headband bit. It ties at the back underneath my hair. I quite like them! So i'm going to try different colours and see how well they go on my stall!

I have now realized how ratty my hair is looking... might be time for an appointment at the hairdresser next week! I keep going on about this stall lately, i guess its probably got a bit boring. I remember the days when i used to just crochet and make things for the fun of it... haha once the stall is out of the way next weekend i can get back to finishing things for myself.

I've been busy the past two evenings making something special for little girlies... just a couple of things left to do then i will have a big reveal!

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  1. The tree is looking absolutely beautiful-- all the lovely weather you have been having x


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