Saturday, 12 March 2011

Flower Bunting!

Spring is in the air! And so is my flowery bunting! haha, I'm trying to be clever but failing miserably. As i mentioned in my last post i got inspired by another blog last week and decided to have a go myself. So here they are, I've finished two so far, and another one on its way.

I'm not very good at taking photos so sorry they're not that great, i also don't have anywhere in my house to hang them! I hope you like them! I am hoping to sell them at the spring fair on 2nd April. If you have any ideas on what might make them better or anything else you think might go down well at the fair let me know! They were really easy to make, i found a basic 5 petal flower pattern online and joined them all with chains. I think i did about 25 chains in between each one and joined the flowers by doing a single crochet in the top of one of the petals. When i got to the end i went back and did single crochet all along the chains.
Working on another blanket now, joint project with my mum. She has knitted me some plain coloured squares and i am going to crochet some flowery ones to go with them. Update you again soon!


  1. Your flower bunting is gorgeous and what a way to encourage spring along. Good luck with selling them at your spring fair.
    Anne xx

  2. The bunting is really lovely, no improvements needed I reckon !
    Sue x


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