Wednesday, 6 April 2011

bright idea...

I have an idea... i'm not sure if its bright or not yet. I want to try and crochet some 3d letters. But i cant find a pattern anywhere! Do any of you or your crochet friends know where i can find a free pattern on the internet?

At the moment i am thinking of making one for my nephew who will be staying with us in May to put on our spare room door. Let me know if you know of any patterns, it would be much appreciated!!!

Now that the spring fair is out of the way (not that it was worth waiting for haha), i want to concentrate on things for me and my family again. I feel like i have loads of unfinished projects on the go and perhaps i should finish them before i start another one. (haha writing that seems stupid after my first paragraph about new patterns!) I am writing a list of jobs for the Easter holidays, we are off work for two weeks, maybe i should put finishing projects on my list!

Do any of you have unfinished projects? Ones you started because you thought it would be a great idea, but got bored of/gave up on/found too hard/lost interest... etc etc?

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