Saturday, 2 April 2011

Not much spring in my step after our spring fair...

Well it was the Spring Fair today at school and it was time for me to showcase the latest Sharky Knows goodies for sale. It was such a lovely sunny day today, so i dont know if that put people off, but it was a bit of a flop! I hardly sold anything! But i dont think i was the only one. There were a fair few people there but just not interested in buying anything. Alot of the people who had stalls that i chatted to didn't do so well either.

To be honest, it today felt like a complete waste of time. I was looking out the window at the sun, wishing i could have been at home with hubby in the garden. But never mind, it allowed me to get my name out there and a couple of people took cards so you never know i may hear from someone in the future that saw me there.

These are the pictures of my stall. We were given little exam tables that we had to push together, so they weren't very deep and i think it all looked a bit squashed. Thing is, i didnt know which things would be more popular so i didnt want to leave any out. The funniest thing (and the silver lining to my cloud today) is that my mother in law Linda from Chalkys World showed my stuff to her neighbor in Spain, who then wanted to buy the little blue and lilac dress for their daughter!! So i sold something before i even went!

I like to try and look on the positive side and hope that something good will come of today, even though it feels like a waste at the moment. It helps to build character i suppose!

I'm loving peoples blogs this week, some of you are taking part in this knitting and crochet blog week, had i known about it perhaps i could have attempted to keep up with it myself! Anyway, enough of me being dreary and moody. Chin up, its nearly easter holidays! Just one more week of work! Hope you are all enjoying your sunny weekend!!


  1. So sorry it didn't go well, your stall looks full of yummyness.

  2. Hello Stranger!
    I think the last time we 'spoke' was when you were moving?
    I hope things went okay for you.
    Well you certainly had a beautiful stall I have so enjoyed looking at all the wonderful things on your table. Your dresses in particular are wonderful. Your crocheting too a delight.
    I dont know whether you use Etsy, worth a shot maybe?
    Love and thanks for visiting my web site and making such sweet comments about the Royal wedding Blanket,
    Love Suex

  3. Shame about the fair, it goes like that sometimes.
    Dont worry, it all looks great to me !
    Sue x


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