Friday, 27 May 2011

Flower power!

Well as i mentioned a few weeks back, it was out Anniversary on the 23rd may, two whole years can you beleive it!! As part of the presents i got my hubby i made him something.

Some very funky flower pattern ties!

I started by cutting out interfacing using a pattern i have and ironed it onto the fabric.

I then cut all the pieces out, sewed them together and along the whole length of the piece and turned it through...

Hubby loves the ties (sorry seem to have only taken pics of one! oops), and has been wearing them to school (he's a teacher). He often gets comments on his ties. I have made him loads over the last few years. They're so cool though, i just use fabric i find lying around or scraps from dresses i have made.

Hope you like them. I've had a manic half term, had my sisters and their kids down (running around after a two year old and 5 month old is hard work), then the in laws came for the weekend, but sadly i got a horrendous cold on Thursday and still not over it yet! Have been feeling quite miserable and sorry for myself but am starting to feel better now. Hooray for homemade chicken soup! I have been through a whole jug full in two days, all on my own. Love it.

Bobble blanket is still coming on, Very very slowly though. I'm not a fan of repetitive work. Will keep you posted on the progress.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I love bobbles. It all started when a special someone brought me the Jan Eaton 200 squares book. If you haven't seen it (which i cant believe if you are into crochet at all, its plastered on all sorts of blogs), get it! I hadn't been crocheting long when i was given the book but found it pushed me to try different patterns and stitches that perhaps i would not have tried otherwise. I have made some gorgeous blankets using it and i am hoping to start another one soon! (Look back through my posts if you are interested in seeing them).

Anyway, one of my favourite squares from the book is "colourful bobbles". When searching through the internet and looking and blogs i came across the following...

I think the bobble blanket shown here is gorgeous! I love it! It inspired me to start my own, but if you know me at all you would know i wouldn't be content doing a blanket in just one plain colour. (although i do love the classy look of the one on the blog, so i may try a plain one too!)

So pushed on my hubby, i have started my own, colourful bobbles blanket!!

I have not done much yet as you can see, but i am loving the way its looking! I was given some really lovely cream aran wool and thought it would be perfect for this. I am using ordinary acrylic double knit yarns for the bobbles (some devoted crocheters will probably cringe at this but i dont care), and i am loving the bright colours! Its a bit bigger than i originally intended but hey ho! I shall embrace the bobbles!!

I am not sure what edge to do around it yet, whether to stay simple with some single crochets in cream or in colours, or a nice slightly frilly edge like the one i saw in Maybe Matilda's blog. I will experiment with this when i get to that point. It feels like its taking ages but its just having to change colours for the bobbles. I am also cheating a little bit as the original bobble pattern from the Jan Eaton book is made using single crochet with the bobbles made of 4 trebbles together, but i am using trebbles for the main part of the blanket. This is because basically i am impatient. Single crochet seems to take forever to grow, and i think the trebbles looks fine. If you would like a less 'holier' look then use single crochet. When i get a chance i will post a little tutorial on how to make this blanket.

Also coming soon... It is our 2nd wedding anniversary next Monday!! Hooray! Another year already, i cant believe it! (I think my first ever post on here was about our wedding) I have made him something for one of his presents which i would like to show you, however i cant show you until i've given him the gift. Just in case he takes a random look at my blog!

There's some lovely blogs going on at the moment, and one i have found recently is Tangled Happy. You may have seen it, it features tutorials and inspiration from other fantastic blogs. My very own mother in law Linda has been featured on there with her snake tutorial!

Better go, but as always, please feel free to leave comments! I love reading them. So if you have found some great blogs you think i'll like, or have experimented with the bobble stitch, let me know!!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Bursting with fruitiness!

Wow time flies!!... Its been ages since my last post, i am so rubbish at keeping up with them! We have had a few hectic weeks, first we had Easter Holidays where we went jetting off to Spain for a week, Hubby got some last minute flights! So we spent some time with the in-laws and did a bit of skiing and snowboarding. Lots of fun!!

Then we were back at work for a few days and had some great long weekends! Last weekend my sister came down with her two little ones and we had fun running around after them! My brother also came to stay which was nice because none of my family have seen our new house yet.

This weekend we are off down to Newton Abbot to see hubby's sister who's birthday it is. We're also picking up his parents from the airport coming back from Spain.

Well today i was feeling the need to bake. I am getting a bit bored of boring cereal in the morning and wanted to make some muffins to have for breakfast in the morning with fruit. I found this recipe and had to give them a go!

They are packed full of blueberries, raisins and dried cranberries. They are meant to have dried apricots in them too but i hate them so left them out. Also as i am quite naughty and have a sweet tooth i sprinkled a bit of brown sugar on the top to make sweet and crispy!

I think they look quite good! I never seem to be able to make muffins rise much but hopefully they will be tasty, i haven't tried them yet, i'm saving them for the morning. Or maybe after dinner if i can't wait that long!

I have started a new project...again. I am so bad at finishing projects! I really like this idea though, i have seen some nice 'bobble' blankets on other blogs recently and thought i would have a go myself. Linda at Chalky's World gave me some lovely cream Aran wool and i thought it would be perfect for it. I will post photos when i have done a bit more and maybe even do a tutorial if anyone fancies having a go?

Off for another busy weekend, but will try to post again soon!