Thursday, 5 May 2011

Bursting with fruitiness!

Wow time flies!!... Its been ages since my last post, i am so rubbish at keeping up with them! We have had a few hectic weeks, first we had Easter Holidays where we went jetting off to Spain for a week, Hubby got some last minute flights! So we spent some time with the in-laws and did a bit of skiing and snowboarding. Lots of fun!!

Then we were back at work for a few days and had some great long weekends! Last weekend my sister came down with her two little ones and we had fun running around after them! My brother also came to stay which was nice because none of my family have seen our new house yet.

This weekend we are off down to Newton Abbot to see hubby's sister who's birthday it is. We're also picking up his parents from the airport coming back from Spain.

Well today i was feeling the need to bake. I am getting a bit bored of boring cereal in the morning and wanted to make some muffins to have for breakfast in the morning with fruit. I found this recipe and had to give them a go!

They are packed full of blueberries, raisins and dried cranberries. They are meant to have dried apricots in them too but i hate them so left them out. Also as i am quite naughty and have a sweet tooth i sprinkled a bit of brown sugar on the top to make sweet and crispy!

I think they look quite good! I never seem to be able to make muffins rise much but hopefully they will be tasty, i haven't tried them yet, i'm saving them for the morning. Or maybe after dinner if i can't wait that long!

I have started a new project...again. I am so bad at finishing projects! I really like this idea though, i have seen some nice 'bobble' blankets on other blogs recently and thought i would have a go myself. Linda at Chalky's World gave me some lovely cream Aran wool and i thought it would be perfect for it. I will post photos when i have done a bit more and maybe even do a tutorial if anyone fancies having a go?

Off for another busy weekend, but will try to post again soon!

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  1. I know the feeling, I did a post today at last.
    The muffins look lovely !
    Sue x


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