Friday, 27 May 2011

Flower power!

Well as i mentioned a few weeks back, it was out Anniversary on the 23rd may, two whole years can you beleive it!! As part of the presents i got my hubby i made him something.

Some very funky flower pattern ties!

I started by cutting out interfacing using a pattern i have and ironed it onto the fabric.

I then cut all the pieces out, sewed them together and along the whole length of the piece and turned it through...

Hubby loves the ties (sorry seem to have only taken pics of one! oops), and has been wearing them to school (he's a teacher). He often gets comments on his ties. I have made him loads over the last few years. They're so cool though, i just use fabric i find lying around or scraps from dresses i have made.

Hope you like them. I've had a manic half term, had my sisters and their kids down (running around after a two year old and 5 month old is hard work), then the in laws came for the weekend, but sadly i got a horrendous cold on Thursday and still not over it yet! Have been feeling quite miserable and sorry for myself but am starting to feel better now. Hooray for homemade chicken soup! I have been through a whole jug full in two days, all on my own. Love it.

Bobble blanket is still coming on, Very very slowly though. I'm not a fan of repetitive work. Will keep you posted on the progress.


  1. So glad you are really beginning to feel better. The ties look even better in "real life!"


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