Friday, 15 July 2011

Bobbles on the way

Just thought i'd do a quick post to keep you up to date. The bobble blanket is well on its way! I have had a week of concentrated effort and it is almost the size i want it to be, just wide enough to tuck into a cot bed.

Just got a bit more to do then got to decide what kind of border to use. Linda from Chalky's world, aka. Nany Goat, got me Around the Corner Crochet borders so i have loads to choose from!

We have our second scan in 2 weeks and hopefully we will find out what sex it is. Then i can decide what colours to use for the edging and finish the lot!!

We have had some lovely knitted items from Nanny Goat for the baby and a little surprise from one of her knitting blog friends. I will post about them soon!

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