Sunday, 17 July 2011


I have been thinking about all the stock i have created for various fayres etc and really want to have a good bash at selling it! I have a facebook page 'Sharky Knows' but not much has come from that.

I wondered if any of you out there have any experience/tips/ideas on how i can boost sales???
Time of year has a major impact on what i sell as at the moment i have a lot of scarves and blankets in stock, mostly winter items. Leading up to Christmas however i am not sure how much i will be able to do fayre wise due to the huge belly i will have (its got a baby in it, i'm not just eating a lot of pies).

Check out my Facebook page and let me know if you can think of anything!! Any suggestions will be VERY welcome!!!


  1. hi thanks for leaving a comment on my blog could i just ask how do you see your followers? mine have disapeared of my blog lol

  2. sorry i have only just noticed this comment. On the side of my blog is a FOLLOWERS section, when i click on members it shows me who they are and links to their blogs etc. Try that! Thanks for popping by!


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