Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cupcakes galore!

I am very excited.

My friend Sophia who i work with has started up making cupcakes! I cannot wait til we go back to work in September to try her latest ones. Her cakes always go down well in our staff room! At the moment she is looking at some low fat versions (her chocolate cakes with Mayo were delish!) but of course still does the good old full fat lovelies!!

Please please check out her new blog - Croyde Cupcakes - she has only just set it up this week so make sure you sign up to follow it to be kept posted of all her scrumptious cupcake goodness!

If you have a special event coming up or just want some for yourself just get in touch with her via her blog!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Bobble Blanket TA DA!!!

TA DA!!!

Yay i have FINALLY finished my bobble blanket for baby sticklebrick (that's the nick name for our little boy at the moment - stupid i know, speak to the hubby it was his idea!)
I am so pleased with it, it has worked out really well.

I used cream Aran wool for the bulk of it and cheated a bit by doing it in treble crochet (bobbles work best with single crochet in between but as i knew it was going to be a big blanket i thought forget that!). All the bobbles and the border are done using ordinary coloured acrylic wool. When i started it we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl so i waited until we found out to do the border and chose some appropriate colours. I wanted it to be bright and i think i have definitely acheived that!

This wicked border was taken from the book Around the corner crochet borders by Edie Eckman, no. 24.It was the first border from the book i have tried and it worked well. Instructions were pretty clear and easy to follow. Not too many rows to do but looks great in the boyish colours.

This is my 20 week scan, not very clear in this picture but all was well. He has been wriggling around alot over the last two weeks and i am feeling pretty much every gymnastics move he is practicing! Which is really nice but also a bit of a pain when your trying to get to sleep! haha.

Will do a tutorial for the bobble blanket if anyone is interested. It is so versatile you can change it up so many ways - i have seen it done in just one plain colour which looks very effective, you can have the bobbles in straight columns rather than staggered like mine are, their really is loads of options to try. I would definitely recommend having a go at one, or just use the pattern for another item, a bag, a scarf, cushion cover... anything!

New York New York!

What an amazing two weeks we have had! An absolutely amazing wedding of my husbands cousin Ben and his lovely new wife Sarah. Beautiful setting in Buffalo, NY. Totally taken back by everything over the wedding weekend... 'taxi' to rehearsal party being a white limo, delicious meals and bbq's, great dancing and of course my husband looking superbly dapper in his tails! The pregnant fat girls dress i made was a success i think, loved the colour, nice and cool in the hot weather and the little flowers i made look pretty cute. Also don't think i look too fat in it which is nice! (And we matched in purple! Total fluke i swear!)

After the wedding weekend we were feeling a bit sad, as we had had such a fantastic time with all the family and it was great to see everyone. But we then flew to New York city!! And what a week we had there as well! Being preggers i had to take it easy but still managed to fit in loads of sights. We did A LOT of walking around and catching the subway etc.

Some of the things we saw...
Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (alot of steps to walk up!)
The Empire state building (again alot of steps)
Central Park
Yankee stadium where we watched them play the Tampa Bay Rays
A comedy club in the East side
Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Centre)
The Natural History Museum
Little Italy, Chinatown and Soho
Chelsea Market and driving range
Greenwich Village
Times Square
Financial District including the site of the Twin Towers where they are building the new one
5Th Avenue and alot of shopping!
F.A.O Swartz toy store featured in the movie BIG
Pier 17
Grand Central Station (just amazing - was out local stop so used it loads)

I may have missed some, we just saw so many things on our way around. On our way to Buffalo for the wedding we also visited Niagara Falls and took a ride on the Maid in the Mist which was just immense!

I have far too many photos of the trip so just selected these few to show you or we'll be here all day!

View from 'Top of the Rock', you can see the Empire State Building right in the middle.

The hubby, Sticklebrick(baby) and I at the Yankee Stadium.

View from the Empire State Building, looking over Central Park.

Me and the hubby at Top of the Rock, where this famous picture was taken.

Overall just a magical time. We really enjoyed ourselves. Probably the last big holiday we do for a while and certainly wont have one as easy to prepare for once our little boy arrives!

Exciting TA DA post to come soon! Just gotta find time in between gardening, tidying, washing, preparing for family visits, relaxing and crocheting to write a post about it! Possibly a tutorial on the way too, if i can work it all out!