Monday, 26 September 2011

Love these bobbles!

Love Love Love this.....

You know i said i was sure i would find yet another project to fill my time for the baby....???.....

Monday, 19 September 2011

Multi-stitch baby blanket!

I have a ta-da post! Yay!If you weren't aware, i am having my first baby in December, a little boy. So i decided to make some blankets for him. I have already posted about the multi-coloured bobble blanket i have made for his bedroom/use around the house... this time i have made a smaller blanket to use when taking him out in his push chair and the car seat.

I LOVE colourful items for babies, so chose about 7 bold colours for the blanket. I have used various stitches and patterns for the blanket. If you are interested i will post some instructions for the different ones i have used. To be honest, i made it up as i went along, the more different variations of patterns you can use for each row the better it looks i feel!

I have made blankets like it before for other people and i have a couple for sale on my Facebook page. But i have taken it that little bit further with this one and added a fantastic border! I am really pleased with it! It is based on a border from 'Around the corner crochet borders'. All i did to adapt it was change the colours for each curl and spread them out a bit more.

So another thing made for the boy, don't think i have any other projects on the go for him at the moment but give it time... i am sure i will see something that i fancy for him! His Nanny Goat (Linda from Chalkys World) and Granddad Grey Head (he isn't a fan of his nickname) is coming down at the weekend, bringing some goodies that Great Grandma has got him, a cot bumper, changing mat and some sleeping bags. So we're really looking forward to that.

Hopefully soon i will get a chance to post some instructions for the patterns i have used in this blanket and also some new wool purchases i made today! Bargains from my little trip to town today!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Custom Order

I have been asked to do a custom order for this fab new website...

I am really pleased. Its such a clean, fresh, natural looking site and the things they sell are lovely! How privileged i am to have been asked! I have made these wrist warmers for the site, so hopefully they sell well and i will get some more commissions! (Nappies are expensive...)