Monday, 19 September 2011

Multi-stitch baby blanket!

I have a ta-da post! Yay!If you weren't aware, i am having my first baby in December, a little boy. So i decided to make some blankets for him. I have already posted about the multi-coloured bobble blanket i have made for his bedroom/use around the house... this time i have made a smaller blanket to use when taking him out in his push chair and the car seat.

I LOVE colourful items for babies, so chose about 7 bold colours for the blanket. I have used various stitches and patterns for the blanket. If you are interested i will post some instructions for the different ones i have used. To be honest, i made it up as i went along, the more different variations of patterns you can use for each row the better it looks i feel!

I have made blankets like it before for other people and i have a couple for sale on my Facebook page. But i have taken it that little bit further with this one and added a fantastic border! I am really pleased with it! It is based on a border from 'Around the corner crochet borders'. All i did to adapt it was change the colours for each curl and spread them out a bit more.

So another thing made for the boy, don't think i have any other projects on the go for him at the moment but give it time... i am sure i will see something that i fancy for him! His Nanny Goat (Linda from Chalkys World) and Granddad Grey Head (he isn't a fan of his nickname) is coming down at the weekend, bringing some goodies that Great Grandma has got him, a cot bumper, changing mat and some sleeping bags. So we're really looking forward to that.

Hopefully soon i will get a chance to post some instructions for the patterns i have used in this blanket and also some new wool purchases i made today! Bargains from my little trip to town today!


  1. That is really gorgeous. Love the colours and pattern -- I think Sticklebrick is going to be so cosy on those January days cuddled in that gorgeous blanket! x

  2. What a gorgeous blanket, I love the colours and that border looks amazing:)

  3. What a beautiful blanket! Your little one will be really snug this winter. Take care, Sue x

  4. Hello Charlotte,
    What a lovely blog.
    Your blanket is gorgeous, I absolutely love the colours you have chosen and the bobbles finish it off so beautifully.
    I enjoy reading inspiring crafty blogs though I am just a crocheting novice myself, only got as far as granny squares!
    Best wishes.

  5. Thanks for your lovely messages! Bluebell - This blanket is made up of really simple stitches (including granny square style!) so you could easily do it! Will try and post instructions soon so please pop back!

  6. That's a cute blanket for you little guy! I do love the colors and the border. Crocheting is something I'm looking forward to learning this winter. I have had a mini instruction from my friend from several months ago, and a teach yourself kit, so wish me luck.
    DD is half a world away and expecting a baby girl in 18 days. She's in Australia, and I'm in Canada. Too far away.
    Chalky sent me!
    Hugs from Suz


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