Monday, 31 October 2011

Multi-coloured stripey tassel scarf

I am very excited today because i have had my first Sharky Knows order for christmas! A few wristwarmers and a scarf! Lets hope this is the start of a flurry for my Sharky Knows facebook page - Check it out and forward it to all your friends and family!

Also this week i have another finished project to show! A brightly coloured scarf for one of my nephews. It was a really simple pattern i found online - basically chain a length long enough for what you want (this one is for my 3 yr old nephew so i chained 170 to start). Then trebble in every chain across, changing colour at ends. You can obviously do any colour combination or number of rows of each colour as you want. For this one i used 6 colours and did one row in each then repeated the colours in reverse as you can see.

I added tassels to mine, which i think finish it off really nicely! To do this i just cut lengths of yarn just over four times the length i wanted. I then folded them in half and in half again. Using my crochet hook i pulled a loop of wool through, just enough so i could pass the ends of the wool through it and pulled it tight into a knot. (not sure if this makes sense, i should have taken pictures of the steps, but i'm sure there are loads of tutorials and instructions online).

This is how the end looked before the tassels - fine, but a bit boring in my opinion.

My husband chose the colours - really bright, cheerful and will pretty much go with anything! I have made another one for my other nephew but forgot to take photos before i wrapped it up. Hopefully i will get a picture of it when he's opened it at the end of december.

Just got 5 more weeks of work now until i finish for Maternity leave so looking forward to that! Counting down the weeks til the boy should arrive... less than 7 to go now!!! yay!!!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Stripey bobble on its way!

Well...i knew it! ... I knew once i showed my husband the link to the stripey bobble blanket he would want one knocked up right away!

So here is the start of it... i was a bit worried i might not have much to do when i go on maternity leave, waiting for the little boy to arrive... not anymore!

Pretty Cardigan

I have been busy finishing this project over the last week and am happy to finally post about the finished article!

It is a slouchy cardigan for my little neice who will be 1 in December. With my little boy due in December i am having to get super organised with finishing presents and gifts for people. I have made other things for another neice and a nephew, however stupidly forgot to take photos of them before i wrapped them up! So hopefully once i give them their gifts i will get a picture of them to post.

So here is the finished cardi, complete with sparkly flower broach ( the photo doesn't show the sparkly baby wool i used very well) and Sharky Knows original label!

The pattern i used can be found here at Lion Brands. I used a nice cream double knit wool for the cardigan and a 4mm hook. I found the pattern for the flower here at Very Berry Handmade and i used a cream double knit with a bit of sparkle in it!

I think its quite cute. It was fairly simple to make, although i had to use markers for the first time. I guess you could use the basic pattern/number of stitches to make other cardi's but change the pattern of stitch you use, e.g. granny stripes or shell pattern etc. Looking forward to see my niece wear it in the winter!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Edging for swaddling blanket

Last weekend my mother in law Linda from Chalky's World gave me a super soft fleece piece of fabric. Once a blanket that she had started cutting up to use for other projects. She thought it would be perfect for swaddling our little monster when he arrives in December.

So i tidied it up by cutting it to make it rectangular again and zigzagged around the edge to stop it from fraying. I then thought it was a bit plain and decided to do a simple crochet border
round it to jazz it up a bit.

To start i had to do an embroidery chain stitch around the edge to create a base for me to crochet from. If i was to do this again i would make a bigger effort to make sure each chain stitch was exactly the same length as a crochet stitch with my 4mm hook. I didn't really think until i started crocheting that as my embroidery chains were slightly bigger than my crochet chains, this makes it difficult to do a nice even crochet border.

So instead of a border i chose from my Around the Corner crochet borders book that was made up of single crochets and chain gaps, i had to stick to a solid border. I went for 4 rows of half trebble crochet, using 3 different colours. It was pretty quick to do and i am pleased with the result.

It gives a nice edge to an otherwise plain blue blanket. I cant wait til i can actually use the swaddling blanket for our little boy, 10 weeks to go and counting... still feels like ages away though!