Sunday, 9 October 2011

Edging for swaddling blanket

Last weekend my mother in law Linda from Chalky's World gave me a super soft fleece piece of fabric. Once a blanket that she had started cutting up to use for other projects. She thought it would be perfect for swaddling our little monster when he arrives in December.

So i tidied it up by cutting it to make it rectangular again and zigzagged around the edge to stop it from fraying. I then thought it was a bit plain and decided to do a simple crochet border
round it to jazz it up a bit.

To start i had to do an embroidery chain stitch around the edge to create a base for me to crochet from. If i was to do this again i would make a bigger effort to make sure each chain stitch was exactly the same length as a crochet stitch with my 4mm hook. I didn't really think until i started crocheting that as my embroidery chains were slightly bigger than my crochet chains, this makes it difficult to do a nice even crochet border.

So instead of a border i chose from my Around the Corner crochet borders book that was made up of single crochets and chain gaps, i had to stick to a solid border. I went for 4 rows of half trebble crochet, using 3 different colours. It was pretty quick to do and i am pleased with the result.

It gives a nice edge to an otherwise plain blue blanket. I cant wait til i can actually use the swaddling blanket for our little boy, 10 weeks to go and counting... still feels like ages away though!

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  1. Hi Charlie, lovely to hear from you! I love your idea to edge the fleecy blanket. Best of luck for the remaining 10 weeks. :) Pat @ sunshine and a sewing basket blog


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