Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pretty Cardigan

I have been busy finishing this project over the last week and am happy to finally post about the finished article!

It is a slouchy cardigan for my little neice who will be 1 in December. With my little boy due in December i am having to get super organised with finishing presents and gifts for people. I have made other things for another neice and a nephew, however stupidly forgot to take photos of them before i wrapped them up! So hopefully once i give them their gifts i will get a picture of them to post.

So here is the finished cardi, complete with sparkly flower broach ( the photo doesn't show the sparkly baby wool i used very well) and Sharky Knows original label!

The pattern i used can be found here at Lion Brands. I used a nice cream double knit wool for the cardigan and a 4mm hook. I found the pattern for the flower here at Very Berry Handmade and i used a cream double knit with a bit of sparkle in it!

I think its quite cute. It was fairly simple to make, although i had to use markers for the first time. I guess you could use the basic pattern/number of stitches to make other cardi's but change the pattern of stitch you use, e.g. granny stripes or shell pattern etc. Looking forward to see my niece wear it in the winter!

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