Sunday, 25 December 2011

He's here!

William Ivor

Born: 19th December 2011, 8.19am
9lbs 12 oz (yep... ouch!)

After bringing him into the world i had a pretty hard time and had to stay in hospital for a while but got home Friday. I am continuing to improve every day. William is amazing! I know i'm probably bias but he is being an angel so far! Hardly any crying, feeding and sleeping well and allowing us to sleep in between!

Well i will leave you all to your celebrations, family time etc. We are having a quiet one, just the three of us! Possibly catching up with family in the next couple of weeks.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Bobble stripe Blanket

Bobble stripe blanket is finally finished! I think the border took just as long as the rest of the blanket! I kind of made the pattern up myself based on other blankets i had seen online.
Chain as many as you want for how wide you would like your blanket, in multiples of 4.
Foundation Row: Trebble in each chain across.
Row 1:Half trebble in first 3 stitches, Make bobble in next stitch. Repeat until you get to the end.
Row 2: Change colour and trebble in each stitch across.
Row 3: Change colour, half trebble in first 4 stitches, make bobble in next stitch. *Half trebble in next 3 stitches, make bobble in next stitch*, repeat until end.
Row 4: Change colour and trebble in each stitch across.
Repeat rows 1 to 4, changing colours as you go (i did mine randomly but you can do it how you like), until the blanket measures the length you would like.

I used a border from the pattern book i have used before. It is basically a simple wavy one. I trebbled in each stitch around (trying to spread them out evenly along the side edges). Then for the next two rounds i did two trebbles in each trebble of the last round. I changed the colour for the last round just to finish it off. However any simple border will look nice around this pattern.

So there you have it. Another blanket finished and ready for our little boy. Due date is tomorrow so hopefully we shall have some movement soon!!!

Friday, 9 December 2011

General babble and gift ideas

The count down is continuing... only one week to go til the due date for the arrival of our little boy! Getting fed up of being fat, limited clothes to choose from and being limited in the things i can do (mainly cos this big fat boy gets in the way haha).

I know i should be making the most of the peace and quiet... i have been off work for 2 weeks now. The first week i spent doing a lot of crafting for various people, winter cleaning the house and sorting out those little jobs you keep putting off and this week i have been mainly chilling out, lunch with my mum and crocheting.

The bobble stripe blanket is coming along nicely this week. I had a break from it while i completed some other projects but have picked it up again now. The hubby is enjoying picking the order of colours i should do. I wonder if i will get to finish it before the boy arrives??

We had some practice contractions last weekend, which got our hopes up a bit because we thought he was coming but turns out it was just him worming his way down and engaging more apparently!

Well with the general babble out of the way, i wanted to just remind everyone of some of the goodies i have on offer from my Facebook Page - Sharky Knows. You could find the perfect gift for a loved one or a stocking filler for someone special!

I have a few blankets for sale - smallish sizes, perfect for draping over your lap this winter, or a great size for prams, car seats and wrapping up gorgeous babies!

There is a range of bunting available too, fabric options or colourful crochet flowers.

These little curly key rings are perfect stocking fillers and are only one pound!

There are many other items available on the Sharky Knows Facebook page so please pop by and have a look, don't forget to send a link to your friends and family!

I'm pretty rubbish at blogging at the moment so sorry for that, in a way i hope i will get a chance to do some more posts before the boy arrives but then again part of me hopes not!