Thursday, 15 December 2011

Bobble stripe Blanket

Bobble stripe blanket is finally finished! I think the border took just as long as the rest of the blanket! I kind of made the pattern up myself based on other blankets i had seen online.
Chain as many as you want for how wide you would like your blanket, in multiples of 4.
Foundation Row: Trebble in each chain across.
Row 1:Half trebble in first 3 stitches, Make bobble in next stitch. Repeat until you get to the end.
Row 2: Change colour and trebble in each stitch across.
Row 3: Change colour, half trebble in first 4 stitches, make bobble in next stitch. *Half trebble in next 3 stitches, make bobble in next stitch*, repeat until end.
Row 4: Change colour and trebble in each stitch across.
Repeat rows 1 to 4, changing colours as you go (i did mine randomly but you can do it how you like), until the blanket measures the length you would like.

I used a border from the pattern book i have used before. It is basically a simple wavy one. I trebbled in each stitch around (trying to spread them out evenly along the side edges). Then for the next two rounds i did two trebbles in each trebble of the last round. I changed the colour for the last round just to finish it off. However any simple border will look nice around this pattern.

So there you have it. Another blanket finished and ready for our little boy. Due date is tomorrow so hopefully we shall have some movement soon!!!


  1. Yay!- Finished so the least the little one should do is make his appearance now! All your lovely blankets for him will make him the happiest,cuddliest baby ever1

  2. Ah, finished just in time! Wishing you joy!


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