Sunday, 25 December 2011

He's here!

William Ivor

Born: 19th December 2011, 8.19am
9lbs 12 oz (yep... ouch!)

After bringing him into the world i had a pretty hard time and had to stay in hospital for a while but got home Friday. I am continuing to improve every day. William is amazing! I know i'm probably bias but he is being an angel so far! Hardly any crying, feeding and sleeping well and allowing us to sleep in between!

Well i will leave you all to your celebrations, family time etc. We are having a quiet one, just the three of us! Possibly catching up with family in the next couple of weeks.


  1. Congratulations, William is lovely.
    Take care Sue xx

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to the world little William. My 2nd baby was 9lb 3oz, so I sympathise with you. Enjoy him, my baby is now 18, they grow up too fast.
    Anne xx


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