Saturday, 23 February 2013

Big News!

Time for my big news...

Our little family, my husband, William and i, will be moving to Dubai in the summer! My husband has got a job as head of department in a private school in Dubai and we are very excited! We are in the early stages of planning the move as we only found out about 2/3 weeks ago.

The contract is for 2 years so we will see how we get on. If we absolutely love it we may stay longer. So now we are thinking about storing/shipping furniture etc, selling our house and all the paraphernalia that goes along with such a big move. So if anyone has any tips or suggestions to make this easy please let me know!!

We are keeping an eye out for an apartment to rent in Dubai and excited about the opportunity.

One thing that is on my mind at the moment is my Sharky Knows hand made crochet items... i have some stock left from selling online and at craft stalls which i am really keen to sell on before we go. So please please visit my facebook page for more details of the items i have on offer and please recommend to your friends and family too!!

Sharky Knows Facebook

I will try to keep up with the blogging, especially as we may have some fun times in Dubai to write about!!


  1. Wow great news, looking foward to hearing your plans! Good luck x

  2. This is a very exciting move for you, challenging too. If you were able to rent out your house while you are away rather than selling it, you've always got somewhere to come back to and trying to buy another house on your return might be difficult. Who knows what the housing market will do with in the next few years.
    Good luck with it all and have fun. I hope you fill us in on your new life when you are settled.
    Anne xx


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