Friday, 31 May 2013

A very special present

My mother in law (Chalkys World) has made some lovely friends through her blogging and knitting threads. When we had William they were so generous with cards and small gifts. This time, one of her online friends has made William the most fantastic 'Quiet book', a gift for our long plane journeys to and from Dubai that we will be doing when we move there. I was bowled over by the effort, time, resources and thought that has gone into this present! Being a 'sewer' myself, i really appreciate all the effort and intricacies of the applique and components. 

She also sent a poem to go along with each page of the book, which reads as follows...

Peter the pelican hooks fish at the quay, One for him, one for me.

Thomas the tortoise has a hidden heart, you'll find it when you pull the poppers apart.

Colin the crocodile has an ice cream to lick, he has an enormous tongue if you open the zip.

Gordon the giraffe has a lovely long neck, tie up the bows and make him look smart.

Katie kangaroo has her basket to go shopping, open up the buckle and Kevin comes out... shocking!

Bruce the bear is huge and tame, he catches the ball at the baseball game.

Ewan the elephant just has to lose weight, that's why she's out on her roller skates.

Lachlan the lion just doesn't look right, see if you can plait his tail up tight.

Hamish the hippo drives a big, brum brum, undo the buttons to find his tongue.

And as you can see, Willian loves it alot!!!

Especially when doing it with his Mammar!

Licky licky colin!

Thank you so much Jean for this amazing, generous and thoughtful present!! Much appreciated and i am sure it will be much used!! We promise to look after it and it will probably become an heirloom for William!