Sunday, 21 July 2013

A bit of creativity!

This term at work we have set our sixth formers the challenge of designing and making a corset based on a film or theatre production. We are hoping it will encourage them to think creatively and try out some more decorative techniques. 

We decided to spur them along by making our own as well. One teacher is doing Charlie and the chocolate factory, another is doing the lion king and I am basing mine on Alice In wonderland. 

This week I started trying out some techniques to use. I took a few pictures as I went along.

This technique is called slashing. I first layered different fabrics on top of each other and created some white rabbit clocks by free machine embroidering them. My friend Sophia did point put they looked like bombs. I then made rows of straight stitching across the whole panel. 

I then used an unpicker and tiny scissors to 'slash' the layers of fabric apart from the bottom layer. I used a piece of sand paper to rough up the fraying slashes but you can pop it in a washing machine and this works well. I didn't as I used various silks and satin fabrics. 

So far so good! I am going to sew small white buttons in the middle of each clock. This will be used as one of the front side panels of the corset. 

It's quite a cool technique you could use to make anything more interesting, like bags, cushions or patchwork throws. 

I have done some more techniques and got a few more photos to post so will do this soon. If you want to have a go at slashing all you need is a few layers of any fabric (obviously ones that fray well), a base layer that is quite sturdy (felt or calico works well), thread, sewing machine, small scissors.

Have fun!

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