Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Blankets for residential home ready!

They're done!!! I asked the staff and students at the school I work at to help make squares to go towards blankets for my nans residential home. The response was fantastic! One year 8 girl donated enough for a whole blanket on her own! 

I thought This one above would be my least favourite due to the random coloured squares. But I made a few more using a combination of the colours and I think it has become my favourite! 

Thank you to all the people that donated time and wool in making these blankets with me! And my mum and mother in law for helping with the gigantic task of sewing them all together! 

I am sure the ladies and gents at the home will really appreciate them!!! 

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  1. They really are lovely. Bound to brighten up Nans home . What a lovely gift


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