Sunday, 21 July 2013


The next technique I have to show you is burning. I am going to use it for my Alice in Wonderland themed corset. I guess you could say this is the same as reverse / cut back appliqué. But more fun as you get to use a soldering iron! 

I Started with a piece of calico, then satin, then layers of organza. I put the fabrics in an embroidery hoop and free machine embroidered spade shapes (as in spades suit from a pack of cards). 

Once I had done all the shapes and tied the thread ends on the back, I used a soldering iron to gently burn away layers of the organza in the middle of the spades. I varied the number of layers of fabric I burnt away on each shape. 

This will be used as a front panel of my corset. When using a soldering iron to burn the fabrics make sure the area is well ventilated as some fabrics can have rather smelly, yucky fumes. If you don't have a soldering iron you could just use scissors to cut through the different layers. 

I'm really enjoying the opportunity to get creative again. Coming up, fun with painted bondaweb, 3D shapes using an embroidery machine and screen printing. 

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