Sunday, 21 July 2013

Counting down...

Well we have started having the 'last time we will do this' moments now, leading up to our move to Dubai. 

Yesterday we had our department leaving lunch, gorgeous Thai at a restaurant called Morans in westward ho. The dept got us some lovely gifts, very thoughtful. 

We still have 2 days of work left before they break up for the summer holidays. We are yet to receive our flights so are not sure of how long we have left in the country exactly. 

Today I have been making cakes to take in to work tomorrow, with help from Linda at chalkys world. Lemon cupcakes and Gilbert family secret recipe chocolate brownies! One special lot will be going to Williams childminder for being so lovely, enthusiastic, helpful and caring to William. He has had a fantastic year with her so these are part of selection of thank you presents for her. 

The lemon cupcakes were a Mary berry recipe I found through google. Very yummy! And the box is simply from asda! 

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