Sunday, 21 July 2013

Farmers market knitted specials

On Friday I went along to the bideford farmers market. Usually it's a few local people with the usual fresh veg, cheese, etc. This time they had stalls from all round the world! France, Greece, Poland, turkey, Spain, Malaysia, and others were represented. There were take away paella, noodle dishes, crepes, biscuits, chutneys, jams, homemade breads, flavoured olive oils, spices and loads more. 

One stall caught my eye and I couldn't resist sneaking a photo. 

The hats were fab, some made me chuckle....Like the shark one (hubby calls me sharky nose). The cardigans were pretty amazing though. The work that goes into them and the detail of the appliqué was brilliant. Definitely worth a blog. 

They would only probably look cute on very little ones and since William won't need jumpers much soon I didn't get one. Sorry about the rubbish quality of photos but had to take them quickly with my phone before anyone thought I was being weird! 

Hope you are all enjoying the sunny weekend! More posts to come soon! 

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