Friday, 9 August 2013

Appliqué cards

Today I was set the task of turning some fabric samples into appliquéd birds for cards. Once I mastered the birds I had a go at making some other animals too. I think the elephant is cute but not as obvious as the other ones. 

Here's some quick instructions...

1. Cut a circle of fabric. You can either sew the button on now or at the end. 

2. Place the circle on your card and sew around. Don't worry if your stitching isn't neat as this adds to their quirky look. 
For birds you need a beak, spindly legs and a feathery tail. 
If your machine allows this is easier using an embroidery foot. 

3. Try to do a few reverse stitches when you finish so the threads don't undo. Snip the threads. 

4. Glue in a piece of paper on the inside of the card to write on and your done! 

Great for using up scraps of fabric and make simple but effective cards. Experiment with different coloured threads and buttons to make them unique! 

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