Thursday, 17 October 2013

Al ain zoo

Today we visited al ain zoo! It took about an hour and half to drive there from out place in Dubai. It cost 20 dhs each to get in (about £4). 

There were lots of animals there, lions, white tiger, girrafes, rhino, hippo, wolves, leopard, various cats, reptiles, flamingos, mongoose, etc. 

It's still pretty hot here but it is slowly starting to cool down. 

I think in the two months we have been here we have done more exciting thingsthan we did all year in the uk! We are  definitely not missing the weather! 

Moved to dubai!

Well we have finally made it! We have moved in to our new apartment in Dubai! We have nearly been here for two months now, the time has gone so fast. 

It was definitely hard work getting set up here. Finding an apartment was hard but we are so pleased with the one we have and do glad we held out for it. The complex is new and as you can see it looks like your on holiday!

William is loving the pool and bring able to enjoy the brilliant weather! This week is half term here in Dubai so hubby has been home and we have done a bit more exploring. We have found a car and are picking it up this weekend hopefully. There is so much to do here in Dubai and I will blog about it all when I get a chance.