Friday, 8 November 2013

Bonfire crafts with William

This week was my birthday! Another year older. I share my birthday (5th nov) with my father in law and as he has come out to visit us in Dubai, I decided to do some art activities with William based on fireworks and bonfire night. As usual Pinterest came in handy to find some ideas to do with him. 

Our first one was a wax crayon resist with watered down food colouring. William covered the page with crayon firework shapes and dots of colour. We then used a paint brush to cover it all with the food colouring. Unfortunately I only had red, but blue would have been better. 

To use up the food colouring mixture, I added washing up liquid and have William a straw to dip in it and then blow onto the page. We also tried dripping some of the coloured water onto the page and blowing it in different directions. William loved this! 

Our last crafty activity was making a bonfire collage. William sponge painted an old cereal box with paint. When it was dry I tore strips off for him to glue to the page in a rough bonfire shape! (Very rough, but he is only 22 months old). We also added a few fireworks at the top with crayons. 

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