Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Crafting for gifts....

Before I start, SPOILER ALERT! ......

If you are a certain crafting mother in law of mine and don't want to ruin a little present I have made you then stop reading this post now! I wanted to write about it now while I had time before the crazy holidays begin and I won't see chalky til the 20th December. 


The past couple of days I have had a bit of quiet time at home and have managed to do a bit of sewing/crafting. I am totally addicted to Pinterest at the moment and kinda saw a version of this idea on there. 

I have been making some gift tags. As I have not long moved, I seem to have a stash of cardboard around. I knew there was a reason why I couldn't simply throw it away and now I have found a use for some of it! The idea I saw on Pinterest was to hand embroider very simple designs, like an x, onto a piece of card and punch a hole in it to attach to parcels and presents. I went a step further by glueing on designs made out of old wrapping paper and machine sewing round them. Some designs are obviously harder than others! The elephant was a tad tricky!

By using different wrapping papers and coloured threads it gave different effects. I deliberately chose to do the sewing in a rough, sketchy way to make them look original and 'shabby chic'. I also didn't want the pressure if having to do it all perfectly! Haha. 

This batch were my attempt at a stitched lined paper design. Each card had space for writing a message or just a name on. 

I think they are really cute and I guess you could make them with kids too. A way of introducing them to a sewing machine. There are so many designs, shapes and colours you could use. So next time you have a box lying around, save the cardboard! 

This lot just need a hole punched in them and I will tie them together as a gift for my mother in law. I know they are right up her street! 

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